Friday, January 06, 2006

World's most unlucky peace process

Sharon walks in the valley of death, just as he is passing through the epicentre of a campaign to tip Israeli politics on its head, pull left together with right, and progress peace.

So many fruitcakes on both sides will see this as an act of God. I'm far from a fan, but the man's started to feel the pull of wisdom in his twilight years, and his loss, like that of Mr Rabin, could not come at a worse time.

May he find strength.


leftvegdrunk said...

"...fruitcakes on both sides..."

Too bloody right. And I agree that the peace process doesn't need another kick in the guts now.

Guy said...

Hear hear.

Living in Canberra said...

So far we've got the wacky American religious right and that zany Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in bed together claiming Sharon's illness as God's retribution.

Le Driver said...

Hope you've read this:

I thought it was a very good article, both acknowledging Sharon's past but confidently stating that, in recent times, he was the driving force behind the peace process.

I only hope that, if this is the end for him, whoever comes along next will continue his current work. Here's to hoping.


Le D

Suburban Bloke said...

I'm usually not one for thinking that leopards can change their spots: Arafat or Sharon or any of the psychopaths who make their way to the top in this type of struggle.

The last few Israeli Prime Ministers have successfully destroyed any hope of an effective Palestinian Authority or cohesive leadership, on purpose it would seem, Arafat or not.

Bad press for the PA everywhere and setting the scene for the rise of Hamas - A perfect bogeyman.

Why wouldn't humiliated and desperate peoples turn to Hamas [This is not an endorsement of Hamas' or anyone else's strategy of murdering Israeli civilians and, by the by, their own tribe - The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is a war: A conflict between occupiers and the occupied peoples whose traditional resort is guerilla warfare - Ask the French].

Hamas is unacceptable to the west and elicits a sympathy vote for the Israelis.

The Israelis will continue to control the lives of Palestinians through economic control and the control of strategic lands and resources. They will continue to control most strategic post-'67 territory. They will continue to control the whole of Jerusalem.

Is there an Israeli Gorbachev [I know this isn't a perfect analogy]?