Monday, January 02, 2006

Dishonest Right Wing tactic number 385

Lefties are Nazis.

How even the slimiest little proto-fascists manage to pull off this stark reversal of the obvious, without imploding, has always baffled me. You know the twisted logic, you'll have heard it if you wander around the blogs, or read the odd batwing newspaper columnist on a regular basis.

Lefties, you know, are socialists. Hitler's Nazis called themselves National Socialists. So lefties can be tarred with the deeply unpleasant and, if it leaves even the slightest mark, highly damaging brush of Nazism.

Why is this dishonest? Because the intention is to tarr with that brush, obviously, to damage by nomenclature. And this is dishonest because the tarring, the damage, has nothing to do with any extent to which Nazi Germany had a socialist economy.

People don't hate Hitler because he wove some socialist economics into his philosophy. They hate him because of his racial nationalism and his militarism.

Racial nationalism and militarism- you don't see THOSE woven through the sneering rhetoric of almost every right wing commentator, do you?

Not racial nationalism, cowering behind golden buts and mincing dog-whistling rhetoric? Not steroid-infused militarism?

He'd be rather proud of The Right's leading wafflers, constantly chipping away at evils like multiculturalism while plugging the benefits of aggressive military expansionism.

Funny more of them don't take ownership of his legacy.

Wait, I could be wrong. The Hollywood epic about the nice capitalist who secretly saved the fiscal holdings of thousands of capitalists inconvenienced by Hitler's quasi-socialist economics is just around the corner, tearful tributes and Oscars to follow...


Ompah said...

Fact: The Nazis believed in total government control over private industry. Leftist or rightist?

Fact: The Nazis believed in the supremacy of the state over the rights of the individual. Leftist or rightist?

Fact: The Nazis banned private firearm ownership. Leftist or rightist?

Fact: The Nazis venerated the environment and set about the first national laws to protect animals and preserve wilderness. Leftist or rightist?

Fact: The Nazis believed in BIG government. Leftist or rightist?

Fact: The Nazi leader said this in a speech in 1927:

"We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions"

Leftist or rightist?

Fact: The Nazis, in an attempt to win German leftists away from Communism, stole the Soviet use of imagery (style of flag, symbols of state) and events such as mass public gatherings.

Fact: The Nazis practiced eugenics, a pseudo-science that was invented and fostered by western LEFTISTS.

Fact: The Nazis favored abortion and euthanasia. Leftist or rightist?

Fact: The Nazis rejected Christianity in favour of Germanic paganism and nature worship. Leftist or rightist?

Fact: The Nazis had somewhat of a dislike for Jews. Is modern anti-Jewish/Israeli sentiment a feature of the left or the right?

Fact: The Nazis would have opposed the creation of the state of Israel. Which side of modern politics opposes it?

Fact: The Nazis had an alliance with Islamists and Arab Nationalists. Which side of modern politics finds itself at the same political rallies as Islamists and Arab nationalists? Leftists or rightists? Which side actively apologises for Islamists violence?

Fact: The Nazis were racists. Race played a specific part in their politics. Which side of politics advocates reverse racism (aka affirmative action)?

Which side believes in race blindness? (IE: No institutionalized racism at all)

You claim that Hitler's racial nationalism and militarism made him right wing.

Name for me a single right wing government or organization that advocates racism and militant nationalism.

You were going to say the KKK or Stormfront or someone, right? Sorry. You can't. They have no political platform. They're just racists.

Oh, wait, sorry, they DO want to abolish Israel. I guess that means they'd be at home at most leftist rallies too. Just as the former KKK grand dragon, David Duke, was recently feted in Syria.

When Wolf Blitzer (CNN) blasted Duke for his anti-semitic remarks, why did leftists from Argentine Indymedia support Duke AND provide his foul views with a forum?


How about the American militias? They must be racists, right? No, they're just militant, about gun ownership. They have Hispanic and Black members in the hundreds.

Many right wingers reject multiculturalism. Many non-white-majority nations (such as Japan and just about every Arab nation in existence) have rejected it. Does that make them racist? Or does that mean they are simply more interested in preserving their own unique way of life?

Culture does not equal race. If you had read SOMETHING on the subject, you would know that.

About half of all conservatives do not reject multiculturalism, but do insist upon greater INTEGRATION.

There is no universal natural law that states that a nation comprised of a single majority culture MUST diffuse itself with a massive intake of people from different (or completely contradictory) cultures.

To label as racist those who would argue for the preservation of western-style liberal democracy is vile and utterly dishonest.

Racist, nationalistic and militant. Hmm, that doesn't sound like Stalin, Ho Chi Minh or Mao at all, does it?

Throughout history, every single last totalitarian state has been leftist in ideological character.

There has been NO conservative totalitarian state, because conservatism is founded in the Jeffersonian REJECTION of big government and government control of the individual. By DEFINITION they cannot be totalitarian. Free markets, free people, small government. THAT'S conservatism.

YOU, my friend, and your KIND sent the world down the paths of Communism and National Socialism.

But please, go on closing your eyes, plugging your ears and shaking your head. That way you won't have to see the abyssmal horror that your toil has wrought upon humanity.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Ompah, thanks for leaving such a well thought out comment. Unlike the other one- I simply delete flaming, it's pretty childish.

Your set of 'facts' largely supports my argument.

At about 'fact' 11, you reach the point where there is something intrinsically bad - that is, as opposed to being bad because the right view it (correctly or otherwise) as leading to the evil things the nazis did.

The intrinsically bad:

="Fact: The Nazis had somewhat of a dislike for Jews. Is modern anti-Jewish/Israeli sentiment a feature of the left or the right?

Fact: The Nazis would have opposed the creation of the state of Israel. Which side of modern politics opposes it?"=

Now you've carefully inserted "modern". This is because the right, including conservatives in Australia and America, has a deep seam of anti semitism that has only softened in response to its geopolitical alliance with israel the nation.

I agree that more lefties are anti israel, in terms of the conduct of that state, but not that more are anti-semites, or have anything intrinsic against jews.

As for the state- yes the nazis would have opposed it because they hated jews. But it is the RIGHT, today, who support a state being established and maintained on the basis of racial nationalism; Israel.

For the record I would say neither is clean in this regard.

It is because of the geopolitical role of israel, stemming from post WWII guilt (we let the jewish diaspora down collectively in a big way) and the cold war, that the right now allies itself with israeli and jewish interests.

There is no consistency with other comparable groups, but then again, for the side that takes easily to direct racism and chauvanism this isn't a difficult contradiction to maintain.

="Name for me a single right wing government or organization that advocates racism and militant nationalism"=

I said racial nationalism and militarism. The israeli state you hold up as an example is based on the former, and the left's objections to it stem from such (being the home of the Kibbutz, as well as an intensely rights-driven supreme court, Israel also has plenty of attractions for the left).

Militarism- you must be joking. As with the post where you left the rudeness, regarding war on Iraq, WE said you don't go smashing other countries up with no sound basis, WE said it's bound to go arse up because people don't like to be subjugated (even if some of your end intentions are good) and WE said it was immoral and should not be pursued.

WE want less spent on external military ventures, and for such ventures to be focussed on the immediate cessation of genocide (present, not past).

WE don't parade in front of fucking marines going Hoo- HAAA while they go Hoo - HAAA back like a bunch of blackshirts.

We aren't running election campaigns on the back of race fear, and we aren't dog-whistling to the kind of racist trash who charge on the beach wearing flags and calling for "wogs and lebs" to be bashed en masse.

I'm not a socialist, but as I staked this argument in terms of 'which extremist goes with which side', I'll say I'm happy to have the environment, state control of industry, and a wind-back of the evils of unchecked capitalism.


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