Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Kyoto Quandrary

Here's a question for you: is one of the problems with Kyoto the fact that powerful developing nations, including 2 of the biggest powers in our region, hijacked it and turned it into a wealth relocation exercise?

If China are on a steep growth spurt, and confident enough to threaten neighbours, and may even be taking over the manufacture of bloody Vegemite before long, why do they need welfare?

I don't think it was just the US who scuttled this process.


phil said...

Probably for the same reason that wealthy people still accept (look for?) any perks they can get, such as government programs, subsidised social services etc. If it's on offer grab it and if it's not, lobby for it.

Sal said...

well spotted. The Economist and New Scientist both a couple of years ago did articles closely analysing the kyoto treaty and both came to the same conclusion: completely pointless waste of time. with huge costs.