Thursday, January 19, 2006

Whinging carping faffing old sod

That would be me. My pissant blogging efforts over the past week relate to a handful of pathetic excuses:

* Running 3 feed readers at the same time to choose which one I like best (Google's looks best but Bloglines seems to be most functional overall. I'm loading you all up as we speak...)

* Playing dad to 2 highly strung exotic cats. They improve by the day; Mao has taken to Minh the impossibly cute persian-burmese cross, and after initially wanting to kill her he now licks her butt at every opportunity.

* Going on long walks through my favourite bits of our suburb looking for random bargains on outstanding large houses that are miraculously 30% below market value. Been looking plenty!

* Finally writing my remaining thank-yous for wedding gifts. OK, I"m a terrible procrastinator.

Grouchy digs at Green foibles will be superceded by regular sprays at the Right in the next day or so!


TimT said...

I've received a couple of inquiries about Feed Reads on my site - what are they? There's a section on my blogger page that indicates that indicates that the read is on, but I still keep on getting these inquiries.

Armagnac Esq said...

They allow you to read more posts in a given amount of time, though they take some of the fun out as well.

I've set my Bloglines up so that I only get a short extract from posts and the posts open on a new page, and I've been opening posts I like in their original setting still.

You can do a couple of useful things... I'll share via a post once I've nailed it down.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Re cats and their butts, one of my favourites from the Advice To Cats document: "The correct order is this: first kiss me, then go sniff the other cat's butt. I cannot stress this strongly enough."

Sad but probably wise to shut down Mao's blog before he got completely out of hand -- have you read Frankenstein?

TimT said...

Oh, the whacky things those animals get up to. With us simians, it's just a smile and a shake of the hand, but not cats! No, among them, the true sign of equality is to sniff and lick their comrade's arse.