Saturday, January 14, 2006

One crying new kitten, one hissing biting 18 month old...

So pursuant to discussions with fellow cat lovers, including on this blog, and the ongoing sense that our cat is too social to leave alone so much, we've bought another one.

"Hey pud, look, we've found you a sister."


"No really, she's from your breeder, but she's half burmese half persian. Look, she's cute."


"C'mere pud, want a hug?"


*Wipe cat spit off face*


It's been edifying to have your beloved cat that you'd risk your life for attempt to bite you somewhere near the face, or certainly make as if to do it. More than once. Between moments of high affection and indifference.

Our burmese is in the middle of a jealousy-induced multiple personality disorder episode, it's frightening, a little sad. His new friend, a sweet girly half persian, is letting out the odd squeak as she explores the unedifying surrounds of the downstairs bathroom. Not many options when he wants to kill her.

And tomorrow we have another go at reconciling them. I'm sure this will turn out to have been a good idea. Provided the burmese and I are still sane.


Pavlov's Cat said...

Poor Mao!

He probably tried to bite you because you smelled like the kitten.

Check this out: Introducing a new cat to the resident cat.

(Warning: slow and labour-intensive. And you're probably doing all this already. But worth a look. Patience is the main thing.)

Sunburnt said...

Hang in there Armaniac.

I understand your fear of Mao at the moment. Its scary how evil cats can be when they want to. The article Pavlov's cat posted is worth the read and hopefully by the end of today Mao's curiosity will get the better of him. I think the best thing to do is let him observe the kitten whilst it's having one of those crazy playful kitten episodes. Best that you and the missus don't actively participate but of course be around to observe.

Of course if Mao really is an evil dictator and the situation doesn't improve you could just get used to wearing one of these around the house. You never know, the missus might like it.

Anonymous said...

A Persian cross? are you MAD???
I specified Short Hair only when we got our dog, and I'm still sweeping shitloads of doggie hair from every corner.

Helen Balcony

snorri the goblin said...

Cats actually want to be with each other. If they don't bond, it means you have a goblin.

Cats are big on blaming.

The Daily Magnet said...

Maybe you could try water therapy on Mao - if that fails there is the somewhat less salubrious 'boot' therapy.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Water therapy is getting significant use, in particular striking just as the body twitches into action in an effort to strike.

He's not happy at all. But he's calmed a little, the exorcist is now more like Russell Crowe on a bad day.

Snorri- well she certainly wants to bond with him, it's so cute given how hostile he is, she keeps trying to approach him. She also does a very impressive arch-hiss in reply to his!

Ms Balcony- twas a concern, I'm assured that in the burmese-persian cross they keep the hair pattern of the burmese. Ask me again in a year!

Sunburnt- well, it's a good look!

Pavlov's is essentially onto it, in my observation. When the lil cat's been put away, and I've washed my hands, Mao is relatively sane, even allowing some limited petting.

Another Outspoken Female said...

How is the blended family going? I'm told vets have some kind of product you can spray on them (filly friend, felie friend??) that makes the cats smell ok to each other.

The Daily Magnet said...

wow aof - I wonder if that would stopmy miniature cats getting the fluff belted out of them when they go outside???

Armagnac Esq. said...

All's much better, see updates...

obtuse-a said...

if you are still having cat anxieties, there is a room vapouriser with synthesised cat pheromones called Feliway - from vets. Not instant success, but can help with creating a more relaxing atmosphere. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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