Thursday, January 12, 2006

Random clippings from the blogal sphere

Eyebrow raisers worthy of comment..

George Galloway, one of the global left's great embarassments, is going on the UK's Big Brother. His dodgy Respect party are scratching their heads, reports Harry.

Laban Tall promotes a campaign Justice For Linda Walker. Not a particularly heart rending tale; if you threaten low-level larrikins by firing an air gun next to them you shouldn't act surprised when you're charged with an offence.

Head Heeb's all over the Israeli post-Sharon issues. He notes a leadership crisis within the Likud factory, while Sharon's new party isn't suffering at all.

And our own Surfdom quotes a bit of wisdom, often short on the ground these days, from Christopher Hitchens on (un) intelligent design:
Just for once—for once—the raucous, boring, bullying noise of the religious morons is turned off, and one can hear the lucid tones of reason, detachment, culture, and irony. That the voters of the same town should have firmly retired the demagogues and dolts of their school board, and that both they and the judge should have been of a Republican tendency, only adds to my sense that the resources of civilization are not yet exhausted, and that we have wells of real intelligence upon which to draw. Please don't wake me up.

That'll do for now, I'm off to pour myself a finger of something smooth...

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