Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cooked with Pandas and Poetry

(Warning: post contains amateur poetry)

The cats lie on cool stretches of wooden floor.

We've looked at houses, a couple livable, none that grabbed us. In Fitzroy, after pottering through a respectable if smallish house we found a lovely little cafe on George Street, off the beated path.

We shared a cinnamon muffin with cream and a refreshing green tea with orange that tasted like weak TANG.

The paper offered things to be angry about, things worthy of posts. But it is hot, so hot, that it bakes me into submission. And besides, I have an enduring image of China's new approach to winning over Taiwan; Pandas.

Bless. Bilbies for Iran?

So I'm in an idiotic rather than politically-charged mood. Jaded left me a comment. Jaded has a poetry/photo blog. I decided to join in the fun under a photo of a sign to "Platform No. 8":

On platform 8 you
left shoes
found a door
stood with baggage
spoke to the wind
slept a second
hummed in E minor
and laughed, briefly, when a pigeon shat.

This evening is a Riesling evening...


Anonymous said...

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Armagnac Esq. said...

Someone was bored? Ah well, guess this was a post that invited random responses.

I think plenty of bogans live in st kilda, however.

Westgarth might have been the better, more up to date, reference...

TimT said...

Bogan spam?

I kind of like your poem.

R H said...

Listen, I knew to avoid the C answers after about the third question. You gotta mix 'em up.

Armaniac. Not a bad poem old boy. But the last line destroyed it.

Try again.

Brownie said...

Bogans? Pandas? Pomes?
The Chinese bogans throw their coke cans at the pandas.
Yeah but no but yeah no the Bogan quiz person left out our chav heroine Vicky of Little Britain.
What if this heat didn't stop?

Dave said...

So who is your favourite genius? James Hird or James Joyce?

Major Anya said...

Beautiful poetry and so much nicer than politics on such a lovely day.

Poetry is the language of lurve, brothers.

CB said...

Dear god woman, what the hell are you doing here? Flee while you still have your sensibilites....

Armagnac Esq. said...

She likes a top-shelf offering from time to time =)