Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Who's yer party??

Another one of those Politics Tests. Try your luck. Via Guy.

Interestingly it matches you to Australian Political Parties as well as scaling you left-right on key areas.

I'm left-wing on social policy and traditional values, I'm centre left on economic policy. Not too surprising. My match with various parties (the higher the better match) is allegedly:

One Nation - 45.4%
Family First - 45.3%
National Party - 26.3%
Liberal Party - 31.8%
Labor Party - 82.6%
Australian Democrats - 84.6%
The Greens - 90.4%

Odd in some respects. I would have thought the Liberals were my best match on the right. I think the Greens have been treated as more 'moderate' than they are, I'm definitely to their right (relatively speaking) on most policies.

But perhaps this reflects

1) How right wing much of Labor's policy has become; and
2) The fact that I support Labor, not a more left wing party, because I believe that compromise is part of being in a large, diverse democracy.

Have a try, see what you think...


Anonymous said...

mine was pretty close actually, smack bang in the centre but highest percentage to the Liberals by a few percent

GS said...

My results were very similar to yours.

What i didn't like about the test was that "none of the above" was an option when you had to choose your political allegience.

Oh and words like "scum" were not an option in describing our current leader.

adam said...

cheer up mate! (apologise for glibness there)

I enjoyed the test - ta for that. Was interested to find that I am further left than I thought - and further left than yourself! Considering I advocated making people work for the dole and wavered on economic rationalism and whether there's just TOO MUCH FILTH ON THE TELLY, I'm 93.4% Green, 70.2% Labor, 22.5% Lib!

I'm off to organise a free-trade lentil cook-a-thon to raise money for the Brunswick Whiteboy Dreadlock Collective. Want in?

Armagnac Esq said...

I'm there. Make it the EAST brunswick whiteboy collective...