Sunday, October 23, 2005

Spanking the plank

I have a new guitar.

It's a bit of an indulgence, but I don't care. I wrote a new song, it doesn't have words but is just a chirpy catchy and rather corny little ditty that I can't stop humming. About the same time I decided I'm not going to sit around any longer without a band.

So I went down to Brunnie Street, tried out 4 el cheapo steel strings with pickups and chose a nice Martinez with a satin finished neck.

I texted two members of my last band. I told one he's going to play lead guitar. I told the other that seeing as he's both an excellent drummer and melodic singer, he'll do both. Sort of like that guy in the Hard Ons. Except I'm going to sing too, not because I'm good but because I want to and I'll try hard and at least I can stay in tune.
I am skin and bones, I am pointy nose.... but it motherfucking makes me try!
(Ain't no right, Jane's Addiction)
I'll tune the Martinez pretty deeply and cover the bottom end. We may get a bass player once we're famous. Songs will be built around harmonies and call-and-response, sparse and semi-accoustic but interlaced with my friend's excellent lead licks. Think Day Tripper meets Alice in Chains unplugged.

Still haven't written words to the new song. Beloved says it sounds like Dawson's Creek, but I'm sure Beethoven copped similar jibes when he was working on the 9th Symphony:
Hey, that smaltz sounds like Mozart.
With apologies to Mozart. And Beethoven. And Dawson's Creek!

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