Friday, October 28, 2005

The deadlock clunks into place

Until about a week ago I was floating across the wedding experience. Anger and stress came in waves, reactive, responding to particular aggravations.

My gut was relaxed and open, I woke with a sense of peace each morning. Beloved entered a state of stress a while back, so I've been a foil to that, the trainer in the corner with a hot towel and massage on tap.

Then I felt the lock clamp in my gut. It's on, and it won't release until well into the evening of the 12th of November. About 5 vintage chandons if you want a precise measurement of time. I wake and my abs are tense. I feel nausea come on with no good reason. I try to distract myself writing songs or thinking up ideas for that novel but the logic-panic axis of my brain overrides more subtle creative impulses like an iron bar across the throat of a wren.

No, it's not rational.

Most things are organised, but still... got to burn a good hour and a half worth of mix CD. Don't even know how you go about doing that, let alone on what equipment. Got to check over and finalise vows. Got to pick a couple of nice poems.

Does anyone have suggestions for a wedding-appropriate, quality love poem?


QM said...

Don't know if it is what you are after, but I have always thought "On Marriage" from the Prophet by Khalil Gibran is good for weddings.

Anonymous said...

There are some wedding websites with poems like and I quite liked this one:
But then, Mr Writer, surely you write your own poems no?

GS said...

Listen to your gut!

Am off ot a wedding today, in a catholic bloody church. Grrrrr. If there are any flashes of original brilliance will let you know. Doubt very much if there will be any vintage sparkling.

I still don't get marriage. But that's my stuff. But as for mixing CDs - that is something I can do. Let me know if my mighty 11 days of music on eye-tunes can be of assistance.

BwcaBrownie said...

It's not a Broadway show. Clean clothes, gather friends, say 'Yes' to vows, chow down.
Some weddings are the first step toward divorce.
Main Warning: Buck's Nights are the natural habitat of Neanderthals - avoid.