Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I was pushing it to try another blog at this time, and it hasn't set the world on fire, so Press Gallery is once again available if anyone's looking for a URL.

It'd be nice to be funny, but I might leave it to the pros for the time being!

Thanks Brownie and Gianna for giving it nascent linkages...

Now, back to Mr Serious. *glowers*


Brownie said...

'nascent' - I should try that more often. Thanks for the laughs at TPG.
Just reading the news online which mentioned a person who had just been mentioned by a friend (lawyer) in an email so I have to share this with you for no good reason other than it being an alternate view of the 'fabulous spring racing carnival' -
"As for the races going to play it by ear each day depending on the weather which was what I did last year .
As a result spent most time inside the enclosure where I saw so many Old Money
Melbourne People who had come out of the Ark .Had a lovely time , won
money and thought ' yeah this is good away from the trash in the car parks
'- no gangsters and molls a la Tony Mokbel who dealt coke there a few years
ago .I recall the 2 fights in the mens loo in The Nursery requiring police
attendance , the girls weeing under the trees , people doing lines on car
bonnets and some coming to try and take our French fizz!!!"
So keep an eye on your fizz and good punting, love B.

Lucy Tartan said...

Keeping us guessing?? All part of the many-splendoured pageant of blogging, isn't it.

Tell jokes on here - I won't complain :)

Tim said...

Just lump it all on the one page. Works over at my place.