Monday, August 15, 2005

Something significant happened while you were changing the channel

These are dark days for the latte left. Being governed from the Victorian era is bad enough, but there has also been a several-year long overflowing of traditional aussie anti-intellectualism. Public enemy number one- well, perhaps on a par with radical islamic preachers- has been inner city uni educated know-it-all lefties.

Big Bogan Brother, meanwhile, has played a peripheral role confirming the low place intellect holds in the hearts of the masses, with stupid, simple or at best smiley and harmless being the qualities needed to get to the finals. Two years ago a small minded bogan cleaned up. Last year Merlin was hurled out by voters after being exposed as a non-citizen who has an opinion. The crowd also hated his gutsy if over-the-top protest for refugees, which just confirmed that he needed to go home.

This year something different has gone on. A quirky intellectual with a scrawny body has made it to the finals. Along the way he fell in love with one of the bogan girls, she spurned him, then went on a dumboid rant about being disgusted by men who kiss men. She was kicked out.

Even if Lefty Tim loses now, I've picked up a little ember that will warm me until the thaw. Waiting for the thaw is all lefties have at the moment. It's been very cold, very dark.

Could this leftward adjustment on Big Brother be the first sign of change from the heartlands?

Maritime Union of Australia think so:
It has been really heartening to see the Australian public fall in love with Tim, and all the values he stands for.

Aye comrade Tim, nice work.


miaballerina said...

I believe the nation fell in love with Tim because he wasn't what I call an "intellectual wanker". He has a knack for getting along with just about anyone - he's extremely intelligent, yet can relate to people on many different levels.

Mind you, I am seething over the eviction of Vesna. I think there was much more to her than people realised.

I agree that this year's BB was much more interesting than previous. They actually made the effort of showcasing the different relationships in the house.

I don't know if I'd go as far as to suggest a change in the nation's attitudes, though. But I guess time will tell.

Maybe next year they'll take it a step further, and introuduce people from other walks of life, also - like attached people, people with children, ra ra ra.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Merlin could be regarded as someone having an opinion, everything he does is just for attention... I don't think he actually believes in anything. I came across him last year in very peculiar circumstances and he came across as a self-aggrandising, immature, pretentious twat. Sorry. Most of my Lefty friends are intelligent people whose opinions are based on critical thought, and even if I disagree with them I can empathise with where they are coming from... I don't think Merlin has had a critical thought in his life that doesn't involve what makes him look good.

Anonymous said...

Obviously as a hopeful lefty I will take any sign of optimism available, but I tend to wonder whether the rallying of lefties everywhere has helped Tim more than anything else.

When it came to the crunch in the end it seems the mainstream "conservative" BB voting audience was larger than the lefty audience.

Armagnac Esq said...

Indeed, but the finals is still a nice result!

adam said...

Nice work yourself, Comrade!

Glad to have found you. Was about to get snippy at your other abode, but then the penny dropped.

Whilst Tim didn't quite make it (I blame the teenage girl demographic and the combined muscledom of the Logans), like you, I'm happy he got to make a few of the right-wing ignoramuses in the house look as stupid as they sounded. Here's looking at Rita (re: 'dolebludgers'), and of course, Kate.

Anonymous said...

The crowd also hated his gutsy if over-the-top protest for refugees, which just confirmed that he needed to go home.

Jibberish! The guy was abyssmally ignorant and melodramatically annoying.

Why? Because there wasn't any refugees in detention centres at the time!

Had he possessed a legitimate complaint, he might have known that before ruining his chance at famedom.

Armagnac Esq said...

Lurker, that's odd, because someone got released a couple of weeks ago who has been locked up for about 7 years...

Anonymous said...

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