Friday, August 12, 2005

On TV, must be cool, must play...

Everything is driven by TV.

I've enjoyed poker since year 9. I must have watched a 007 movie, got all excited, and bought a gambling rule book. For a little while I convinced my nerd herd to switch from Dungeons and Monsters-with-faux-Welsh-names to poker. For cash. At school. Sometimes even in class under the desks.

Big sums changed hands. Once someone got ahead by 50c and there was almost a scrap.

But since then none of my friends have shown any interest. Pantera, Porn, Piss, Poker- eusgem generis* I would have thought! But no...

Until it comes to TV. Even poker comes to TV, and of course in bastardised form. World Championship Poker- absurd, though in fairness it can't be any more boring than Golf or Cricket.

So now 2 of my mates are hooked, and I'm about to spend the weekend in Rutherglen with them and our partners, drinking wine in the day and trying out my best poker face at night. Beloved is a sharp corporate lawyer so I'm hoping we can team up and extract a few cases of wine from the others.

I'm in her good books again. Last night we sat on the couch, sipping Green Tea, picking through the real estate pages of Melbourne Times, pointing out places we'll buy when the market crashes, and the world was in tune.

(* Spelling's probably off- maybe the usage as well!)


Dave said...

No matter how drunk you are, don't pay to see the river with only a straight draw. You won't get it.

BourbonBird said...

Oh yeah, nothing like good mortgage-talk to get me in the mood!

I saw that World Championship Poker thing on the telly -- it had to be the most boring piece of viewing I've seen in a long while.

Poker is to be served with a cold (preferably alcoholic) beverage, good mates, and good laughs... until someone throws a fit. Then you play UNO!

Crystal said...

Glad all is well on the Couchfront. Last Man Standing is a danger zone this week: NEVER ever even allude vaguely to past entanglements with other women. not even if it is bragworthy. not even if it was wayback in high school. this road leads to the BadPlace, a festering longterm thrown up in your face at your child's 21st type Badplace.