Friday, August 12, 2005

Nodding while the Important people speak

It isn't surprising Henry Kissinger actually says nothing of any remote value in his opinion piece in the Australian. He's a realist, so intellectually he should be against the Iraq fiasco, but he's also instinctively in bed with the hawks.

What is surprising is the ease with which this alleged war criminal saunters from one high-paying gig as a speaker to another, being treated with deference. I'm sure Bin Laden would have lots of interesting stuff to say, but there must be a point where someone is too unpleasant to be given such respected gigs. No?


Crystal said...

Isn't he connectd to arms dealers and therefore making money out of the war? One of the Lady Diana Death Conspiracy theories involved his fake friendship with her in order to stop her anti-landmine work (which landmines are apparently manufactured in Britain - and that brings me to realise that the weapons of war are manufactured somewhere - and naively wonder who are these people and how can they be shut down?)
anyhow you are right - Henry is a warmonger, and now Condi is the new Henry.

The Lurker said...

Kissinger is paleoconservative scum. A black hole of realist myopia.

Neocons want nothing to do with such a vile specimen. For evidence, read anything written on the man by Neocon Chris Hitchens.