Friday, August 19, 2005

Pleasures of the mind and flesh

Enjoy this post full of hilarious idiocy; Star Bores 3 translated into Chinese then back into English subtitles.
He big in nothing important in good elephant
could be my favourite.

Armaniac's 33rd birthday comes up in the next few days, and beloved has taken my hints and booked me in for an intro to nordic skiing. There will be cold extremities, sore muscles, but hearty country cooking and glasses of red, possibly followed up by namesake, to ease the pain.

I love these weekends with beloved. Long drives, listening to albums from start to finish. Time to connect.

Nordic skiing looks like harder work and less excitement than boarding and alpine (both of which I'm obsessed by, in strange periodic phases, like Nirvana's Nevermind) but makes sense in a country where the hills are flat and the resorts are crowded with Toorak Tarquins.

And it's the best exercise apparently. And I like wandering around in the bush. And I'm gonna build me some ripped quads like the Norwegian dudes who do this for a living.

Wish me luck. Ladies can leave birthday kisses but please form a queue and no funny business.


Zoe said...

happy birthday

You will like nordic skiing. It is to alpine what bushwalking is to jogging.

Dave said...

That translation does explain some long-held questions about the Presbyterian Church. Like why founding the New World Order was so easy for them. It's the Jedi Mind Control, stupid.

Anonymous said...

how about I just wish you the best for your birthday and direct you to a website you might find amusing?

Le Driver said...

Happy birthday dewd. Did you know there is a blog at by a gay NY resident? It's kind of cool.

A question though: what is Nordic skiing? Skiing in a Nordic country, or...?

GS said...

its my birthday too this week (wednesday) perhaps we are twins seperated by birth? (a few days, a few years, whatever)

Enjoy the skiing. I am most unsporty but reckon if you can walk, you can ski cross country (except if its icey then you will slide on your bum most the time). Take a thermos of piping hot soup and lots and lots of nibbles and enjoy your picnic amongst the snow coated gum trees, it is tres romantique :)

miaballerina said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a beer for me. After the weekend I had, no more alcohol for Trix...

Nordic skiing sounds exciting!!! Your beloved is extremely good at picking presents. I still have to train Mr. Trixi in bringing the right chocolate home (Lindt!! Lindt!!).

Have fun :)

LadyCracker said...

Happy Birthday.
May your weekend be filled with much skiing action and limited broken bones.

BwcaBrownie said...

Mwah! Mwah! Rock ON.

BwcaBrownie said...

Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

Armagnac Esq said...

Thanks all!! Post on its way...

Anonymous said...

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