Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Shorts

Beloved lost her engagement ring while we were jogging. We heard it bounce into a garden, spent an hour foraging with the help of the people who lived there. She cried, and it broke my heart.

Labor has decided to inch further to the right. My Labor membership card has been moved from its position near the loose change to a spot right next to where the scissors are kept. One word about tightening up on refugees and I may take executive action. Anyone for starting a political party, specifically aimed at giving some political representation to members of the hated latte-left (like myself)?

A friend who is a gun bass player, in a very good heavy rock band, asked me to try out as lead guitarist. Although I've been trying to learn to sing, this offer was very good for my battered ego, and I may just give it a look in. They gig, they've got potential, I wanna rock- there's a fit there somewhere.

I learned today that my ex-boss, who wasn't very pleasant, suffered a tear-inducing humiliation after telling everyone she'd picked up an acting executive role that in fact went to someone else.

Oh, and we found the ring. And befriended the nice old couple who lived in the house. Taking them a bottle of Tullamore Dew next time we have a quiet evening. Many tears and regrets averted...


lucy tartan said...

soooo glad the ring came back!

GS said...

wouldn't the rubbish bin be a better place for your membership card?

Good luck with new career as rock god :)

Anonymous said...

Phew! At least you didn't console her by saying: it was *only* a ring. Yay for nice old couples. Hope someone says that of you both one day.


Mel said...

The image of your beloved crying over her lost ring was so beautiful and sad that I want to cry too.

Of course, I am no-one's beloved. That could be it.

Apples said...

Armaniac rocking out? Whoop!

And hurrah for lost-then-found preciouses. And old people.

Anonymous said...

Good that the ring was found.

What in particular has prompted the "Labor has inched to the right" comment?

If it is talk of restructuring tax at the high end of the scale it might be worth giving Emerson's essay on the topic a bit of a read.

BwcaBrownie said...

I was feeling sick for you till I got to the Happy Ending part.
I love Old Couples and go to pieces if I see any holding hands in public.
saints's comment was so good too.
So pleased you had the schadenfreude moment for the not nice old boss.