Monday, July 17, 2006

What's a few hundred dead Lebs between Israel's friends?

The number of people willing to defend outright mass murder is breathtaking. What's Chris Mitchell think when he looks at the civilian death toll then scribbles such garbage?

And Howard, re-affirming that any muslim who associates us with Israel's homocidal tendencies is entirely justified:
"Much as I deplore the violence ... one has to understand Israel's position," Mr Howard said.
Just don't try to make any effort to understand the position of a 100% innocent Lebanese civilian who has their family murdered in a brutal and senseless reprisal. And don't, whatever you do, sit down and think about the incredible gulf between the picture painted by the statistics (that's dead civilians I'm referring to) and the rhetoric about self defence.

Meanwhile, in a high point for mid-conflict humour, Olmert is threatening payback for the latest Hizbollah rocket attack.

Payback? As opposed to what- minor incidental genocidal reprisals?

Will they try to slaughter thousands, rather than hundreds, is that when it becomes payback?

When they get to 500 civilian homocides, will our government, overpaid Murdoch hacks, Bush, conservative bloggers, will these pundits quietly start to fall out of line and question the proportionality of the response?

What about 1000 dead Lebanese civilians? 2000? Use of a WMD? Use of 2 WMDs?

Or is their support a blank cheque, underwritten by sheer anti-Islamic hatred? The rate this is going, we're going to find out pretty quickly just where some people draw the line, if they do so at all.


Daniel said...

Like your article and the commonsense it contains. How come most Australians are so blind they can't see where all this is taking us?

If Israel, supported by America, is allowed to do what Goodman on PM outlined, I believe we are on the slippery slope to hell!

P.S. At least a couple of Ozzie bloggers can separate the wheat from the chaff!

Armagnac Esq said...

Thanks Daniel, added you in my latest round of link updates...

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i just watched a creative little video on you tube by the young lebanese lads from around sydney.

i didn't realise it was there town now i didnt get the memo, i do believe not all lebanese are bad people that would be naive, but after watching that video you have to wonder are the lebanese provoking as much trouble in lebanon as they do here ?

how do you fight a soldier that is willing to die for his country ? accommodate them.

maybe before you know it the lebanese community can start another war here as they certainly didnt learn anything from the last one.

by the way, if any lebanese dont like it here in australia im sure we can all chip in to send you home.