Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ball-watching skills: A Big Kim Masterclass

Yes Labor should be making hay out of the threat of interest rate rises, but the point is that Howard misled the Australian public by inferring he could keep rates stable. The idea that Howard and Costello should be bending over forwards to keep rates down has little substance, and I question his choice of metaphor:
Quite obviously Peter Costello and John Howard have taken their eye off the ball.
If he means leadership tensions he should say it. Otherwise it could look like he means:
Unlike Labor they've had their eyes off the interest rate ball and on big picture issues like war in the middle east.
I categorically disagree with Howard's response to that war, but it's a more important ball to be watching than the endless domestic slapfest over interest rates.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Armaniac, can we um, come in. We um, I mean, TimT, that is, said that you might be able to help us on our quest for, ah, well, we are not sure. Mostly we've just piss-farted around and asked the unlucky host why they started to blog and so forth. But he said you'd be able to help if we plied you with liquor, and we have some mulled wine somewhere.

I don't really have much to say on the whole political issue though, or if I did, I've said it once and that was more than enough. Perhaps one of my companions can offer something.