Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fantastic and well-deserved headbutt

I don't care if it was 'dirty terrorist' or 'I wish an ugly death to you and all your family', Materazzi, who was upholding his team's strategy of relying on dirty tactics, deserved every PSI of that headbutt.

Zidane should be proud to go out in style. Here, I'm best player in the tournament, and what's more take that *ungh* you dirty cheat.

My only criticism is he should have grabbed the filthy racist douchebag by the lapels, for leverage, and aimed a bit higher.

Here's a chicken and egg puzzle. Who inspires the other- Italian politics or Italian football?

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Boysenberry said...

Italian politics? Isn't that where whoever is left sitting in the special seat at the end of the music is PM? ;)

That joke aside, I'm always surprise about how vigorous the Italian economy is when you consider how badly managed it is by successive governments of all persuasions.