Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel, the new Austria

One lousy dead politician sparked the enormous overreaction by Austria that precipitated WWI. Hizbollah's attack on legitimate targets, a handful of soldiers, has spiraled to daily mass murder of civilians:
54 Lebanese civilians were killed in an Israeli attack on Sunday.


More than 30 children died in the Qana attack - the deadliest Israeli raid since hostilities began on 12 July when two Israeli soldiers were seized.
Apologies to the supporters of Israel-appeasement, but I went looking for an equivalent massacre of Israeli civilians by the Lebanese, for balance, and came up wanting.

54 civilians slaughtered deliberately. Their press releases say as much. Shorter Israel press release: We know we targeted civilians, but as Hizbollah were hiding among them we believe we are justified killing them all.

Here's how being a thrashing great war criminal is improving their prospects for peace by endearing them to their neighbours...

Lebanese PM:
we scream out to our fellow Lebanese and to other Arab brothers and to the whole world to stand united in the face of the Israeli war criminals.
Arab League:
The attacks that Israeli forces are launching targeting civilians and the Lebanese infrastructure are another confirmation of Israeli aggressive intentions.
Egypt expresses its profound alarm and its condemnation of the irresponsible Israeli bombing of the Lebanese village of Qana.
This criminal aggression is an ugly crime that has been committed by the Israeli forces in the city of Qana that is a gross violation of all international statutes.
Iraq, all but declaring war on the US:
Islamic nations will not forgive the entities that hinder a ceasefire. It is not possible to stand helpless in front of this Israeli aggression on Lebanon. If an immediate ceasefire in this Israeli aggression is not imposed, dire consequences will befall the region.
How ungrateful, when they're supposed to be hanging garlands of flowers around effigies of GWB and opening their legs to US trade.

And Lebanon has humiliated the duplicitous and dishonest Dr Rice by telling her to stay the hell away.

With relative moderates like Jordan and Egypt beside themselves with rage, and the Iraqi government clearly blaming the US along with Israel and warning of dire consequences, how much safer are Israeli citizens now?

How much safer are we, taking sides with the world's most insolent rogue state?

Meanwhile at LP, Weathergirl matches some right wing hate talk with appropriate images from the frontline.


Daniel said...

It was interesting to read some of the comments at L.P. There are some deluded people about.

Qana exposes the sickness of Israel, the danger it poses for the world. It's like letting a homicidal maniac armed with a gun loose on the streets.

It goes far beyond merely wanting a home land. It's religious/nationalistic fanaticism gone terribly wrong.

Problem is, how do we stop them when America, for its own advantage, is egging them on!

Splatterbottom said...

Hizbollah's attack on legitimate targets

Tell me again were it is legitimate to invade the territory of another country, ambush and kill and kidnap their soldiers?

Emotion is fine, but being bereft of reason doesn't really help matters.

As to the deliberate targeting, the Israelis did not know that civilians were in that building. They assumed there were none, because they had given two days notice of their intention to strike. On the other hand, the Hizballah terrorists firing the rockets almost certainly did, knowing, if not hoping, that the civilians would be hit.

So Kiryat Shmona has been hit by 75 rockets from Qana. The commander there wants to retaliate immediately. Instead he is told to wait a couple of days while the civilians in the area are warned. Then the rocket launch sites are attacked. And on the basis of this you blame the Israelis, and say they deliberatley targeted civilians???

Chai said...

Mr Splatter... when I was reading your first sentence, I honestly thought u were referring to the Israelis. Ah well...

leftvegdrunk said...

Good round up of responses to this horrible crime. Thanks, Armaniac.

Boysenberry said...

Armaniac, in the interest of balance, I can't see how firing rockets at Israeli homesteads and villages is "Hizbollah's attack on legitimate targets".

Please note that I am not condoning the action of either side. Hizbollah has civilianised the conflict by launching weapons from civilian areas. Israel has responded in disproportionate measure by using cluster-style munitions into civilian areas. Neither side has the moral high ground.

Chai said...

I think the difference is that 1 side is well armed, 1 is not as well armed and 1 not armed at all.
ie. there are 3 parties involved here, right? Israel, Hezbollah and Lebanon. So who is defending Lebanon?

Daniel said...

No one, Chai. And compared to Israel, Hezbollah might have 5% of Israel's military capacity.

I saw this morning, footage of the destruction in South Lebanon. They continue to pull bodies out of demolished houses. In some towns there is not a single building left standing.

Israel is guilty of many, many war crimes. But it doesn't give a stuff!

Armagnac Esq said...

Civilians aren't legit targets. But the trigger for this war, according to Israel, was the attack on the soldiers. I hoped my commas would clarify this in the sentence.

Boysenberry said...

Sorry, Armaniac, I think it was my reading of it.

Anonymous said...

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