Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hillary the bloodless dials M for Murder

Her endorsement of the legitimacy of killing large numbers of civilians rang with truth:
In her strongest statements yet on the Middle East, senator Hillary Clinton voiced her support yesterday for Israel's military offensive, saying the Jewish state was upholding "American values".
So it appears, given the bodycount in Iraq.

This following statement demonstrates the complete lack of self consciousness felt by someone who clearly views Arabs and Muslims as lesser human beings:
"I want us to imagine if extremist terrorists were launching rockets across the Mexican or Canadian borders," she said. "Would we stand by, or defend ourselves against the extremists?"
Beyond all exercise of imagination to wonder what you'd do if fighter bombers were killing your civilians at 10 times the rate of the rockets, is it?

What a vile, bloodless beast she is.

And how it gladdens me that we allow these perennially ignorant religious chauvinists to write our foreign policy. Because it sure isn't obvious why people hate America, is it?


Daniel said...

I'm sure that America is heavily involved in supporting the current slaughter in Lebanon. The amount of Jewish money that supports American politicians is such that people on either side of the American political spectrum cannot afford to offend them.

But then America, a militaristic State, has similar values to Israel. It is heavily influenced by Christian Fundamentalism and it also believes that invasion, occupation and the killing of civilians are legitimate activities.

These two countries, which account for less than five percent of the world's population, hold far too much power and influence. They need to be chopped down to size!

JahTeh said...

Her point might have been better made if she had said Long Island terrorists launching rockets on Manhatten. It would give Americans some idea of how small a place this conflict is covering and then they might realize how no civilian of either side is safe.

I had thought better of her though.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. 100% agree.

Splatterbottom said...

Good on Hillary. She's a leftist with enough sense not to shit on the beliefs of ordinary people.