Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ten eyeballs skewered on the yardstick of revenge

From a piece in Crikey's daily subscriber edition, by Sol Salbe 'who monitors the Hebrew media for the left-leaning Australian Jewish Democratic Society':
On Monday a high-ranking Israeli Air Force officer caused a storm in an off-record briefing, during which he told reporters that IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz had ordered the military to destroy ten buildings in Beirut in retaliation to every Katyusha rocket strike on Haifa.
Numbers reach perfect parity- at a factor of ten:
Dr Rice flew into Lebanon late yesterday, seeking a "sustainable" ceasefire in a conflict that by last night had cost more than 370 lives in Lebanon and at least 37 Israeli lives.
Brits are tired of Blair dictating Foreign Policy while supine before the US President:
Even a majority of Labour supporters - traditionally more supportive of Mr Blair's foreign policy position - think he has misjudged the relationship, with 54% saying Britain is too close to the US. Conservatives - 68% - and Liberal Democrats - 83% - are even more critical.

Oh that Australians will one day express similar levels of dignity.

Our new friends in Iraq make a stunning and obvious point:
"What is going on in Lebanon will be a great push to fundamentalism ... This will increase terrorism and extremism".
Oops make that 380 dead Lebanese, plus over 800 wounded, coupled with around 120 deaths in Gaza. Some more 'terror' targets nailed:
..two brothers, aged 9 and 11, and their uncle were killed in their home..

..an attack on a Palestinian refugee camp at Rashidiyeh killed one of the inhabitants and wounded five others including a baby in pre-dawn attacks...
and in a major strategic victory in the War on Terror:
Israeli shells have killed five people and wounded several others in the Gaza Strip, including a 60-year-old woman and her 12-year-old grandson riding a donkey cart.
Donkey Carts being a vehicle of choice for opportunistic Jihadis.

Meanwhile, the ALP tries to leap in a stealth bomber and fly completely under the radar. Beazely mutters something vaguely apologist and pro Israel, Rudd does some slightly more balanced hand wringing... is this the best we can expect from what has now become a one issue party? Are they saying more but being ignored by the MSM?


wbb said...

Some type of disgrace is the ALP.

Daniel said...

Pat will not be pleased with this post. We don't want the facts getting in the road of Israeli propaganda.

Armagnac Esq said...

Now Daniel, I've just left a comment at the last M-E post requesting a slight downshifting in the flaming that I can feel building up here... Much as I agree with you politically, I try to be an equal opportunity referee.

WBB- been a long time, good to see you drop by!

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Pat said...

A balanced assessment of the situation can be found here.

This quote reflects my own position: "Israel's response to these tactics has been to declare that certain areas should be evacuated, often listing out the villages against which it will operate and warning that no one's safety in these areas will be guaranteed. It is an extremely harsh method, one guaranteed to displace hundreds of thousands; destroy their pitiful homes and scatter families to the four winds. The only thing that can be said in its favor is that it gives these unfortunates a chance to escape with their lives. But even if Nasrallah doesn't care, most of us nevertheless do. And the moral dilemma is whether to stop the fighting now, knowing it will be worse later. Or continue the fighting now, knowing it will be bad even in the best of circumstances."

Daniel said...

Armeniac, I'd be happy if your were an equal opportunity commenter. I seem to be doing a lot of commenting on other people's blogs but, in some cases, little support is given to mine.

How about it?

Armagnac Esq said...

Now Daniel that's a bit harsh. Many people who leave comments here don't have links- the main way bloggers show each other support, and I linked yours immediately.

Some bloggers are almost entirely posters, some are almost entirely commenters who like the argument and whose blogs are a sideshow. I like both but with limited time I'm consciously trying to do more of the former.

Some bloggers have supported me strongly by repeatedly linking me (I've had more than one blog) which has provided me with visitors, credibility and google ranking, while at the same time barely if ever actually visiting or commenting. In some cases they don't comment much at all off their own sites. Examples are Tony Teacher (AGB), Mark Bahnisch (LP) and John Quiggin.

I admit I tend to be conservative in my commenting, going where I have a bit of a relationship with the proprietor. I've had sometimes testy but nonetheless enduring relationships with the likes of currency lad, anonymous lefty and a number of the commenters at LP for well over a year now. Several of got pissed with!

I'll work on getting over, but don't take it personally. There are a whole bunch of sites I really like that I hardly get to.

Patience and reciprocal linkages are the best way, in an enduring sense, to build a sustained flow of visitors.

And I have taken a shot at Pat twice for his tone in the last couple of weeks, so it is only fair that I try to be balanced.

Daniel said...

Amerniac, eventually, I adopt the position of doing unto others as they do unto you.

I think it's important, the cross-fertilization that comes from commenting on many blogs. Hopefully we can support each other because it's only when we act together that we have power!


Anonymous said...

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