Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rape's a laugh if you're a Big Brother kinda guy

(Updates I and II, below)

John and Ashley's sexual assault of Camilla is already old news, but check out these comments left on a thread at Ausculture and carefully distilled and linked by Cristy:
Camilla was probably begging for it, its obvious shes a cock starved slut from what shes said in the past, john and ash should get a million each and should sue camilla for getting close to his cock the skanky whore

Camilla needed a good slap

Camilla was actually giggling as if she really wants it. She is a dirty
scum whore

she deserved a few firm slaps...
See, talk of educating males about sexually appropriate behaviour is just political correctness. Aussie males know the difference between sexual assault and good clean fun, or between a slightly assertive emotionally vulnerable young girl and a 'skanky dirty scum whore'.

You know, the skanky dirty scum whores are the ones who are asking for it and need a good slap. Like, because they are on a cruise, or Big Brother, or, I dunno, are walking down a dark street on their own when a few likely lads are out in need of some entertaining.

Sometimes a significant portion of my gender are like another species. Sometimes I wonder if Houellebecq was right when he predicted that humanity could find peace by developing the capacity to reproduce without males and then phasing them out.

UPDATE: Last night's show could provide study material for a thousand psychology assignments. Note how Crystal, a repugnantly stupid little ball of silicone and makeup, openly tried to haggle with Big Brother about the removal of the two sex offenders from the house? Crystal's reaction, plus her general breast-enhancing himbo-chasing brain-disengaging approach to life, demonstrate that feminism (or is it just humanism- how can preventing sexual assault be only a feminist issue?) has almost as many obstacles among women as men.

Gretel's revolting spray about "misleading media reports", which seemed to imply that really kids it's not as bad as what you're hearing, confirmed that this hyena does not have the skills to handle complex incidents on a 'high risk' show and should be driven down to the dole queue forthwith.

Big Brother himself handled it ok, all things considered.

Having given the matter some thought overnight, I think ending the show would be a kneejerk reaction. Worse, it suggests that the cause of the incident is the particular nature of the Big Brother house and the pressures of the show, allowing people to avoid the conclusion that the conduct reflects a wider problem that our society has to grapple with.

Logically you'd expect the opposite: that this happened despite the cameras suggests that an ordinary house full of young yobs might give rise to even more abusive conduct.

But why start grappling with a significant social problem when you can take aim at one show and simultaneously improve your standing with the Wowser* set?

(* Thank you to Gallaxy for the nomenclature!)

UPDATE II: Speaking of wowsers, Paul Gray says we need to return to pre-sexual revolution days. You know, when people expressed their sexuality by buggering children and going for 'business trips' with their secretaries. Thanks to Liam for that tip.


B. S. Fairman said...

This incident and the whole P&O saga are both examples of how so much of the community just doesn't understand where the line should be drawn. As a male as well I too wonder about some of our gender.

Channel Ten is really struggling to deal with this one.

flexnib said...

Oh. My. God. The only way I could accept/understand such comments is if they were said totally in jest, as a reminder of how some people thought in the Dark Ages - not on a 21st century blog.. that just sends chills up my spine.

mark bahnisch said...


Jessica said...

How scary is it when even on a nationally broadcasted, live streamed television show, surrounded by a camera crew and production staff monitering 24/7 a woman still isnt safe from sexual assault.

Nowhere is safe it seems.

A woman could be a virgin, dressed in a snowsuit in daylight and people who hate women would still be able to find a way to demonstrate she was gagging for it and deserved it and rationalize the man's behaviour.

Because, you know, when in a room with a woman of a certain reputation a man has no free will and is compelled to force himself upon her. :rolls eyes:

Boysenberry said...

I've talked about the incident to a few people, and I've been a little surprised by the results. Most of the males I've talked to seemed unimpressed by what the boys did. From my circle of friends, it's not that surprising; the surprising bit was the reaction from some of the women-folk. They were, by far, the most judgemental of Camilla.

cristy said...

"From my circle of friends, it's not that surprising; the surprising bit was the reaction from some of the women-folk. They were, by far, the most judgemental of Camilla."

That's quite disturbing. Did this judgement extend to excusing the behaviour of the guys in question?

Kirsty said...

The term you're looking for is 'wowser'.

cristy said...

Yes, Gretel Killeen's comments to the effect that the housemates in question ar e 'great guys' and it is such a shame to lose them from the show were outrageous.

The kind of message that this sends to other young men is disgusting.

Another shining moment in Australian television.

TimT said...

Why are people talking about 'Big Brother' as if he's a person, and not a fiction? The choices which Big Brother makes, on the show, are simply the choices of the producers.

I always found the idea of Big Brother - picking up from George Orwell's original creation - rather creepy; it's even creepier that people have started talking about Big Brother as if he actually existed.

Armagnac Esq said...



Dee Jour said...

Why didn't Big Brother intercede? Thats the question isn't it? Big Brother has the control and the freedom to intercede, cameras are on 24/7 but no one stopped what was unfolding.

It's a piss poor method to get ratings.
The sooner Gretel and BB are 'evicted' the better, because this show has become more of a joke than anything else in the last two years.

Plus, i doubt that anyone will be thrilled to sponsor that show next year.

Anonymous said...

Those comments you quoted are so unbelievably low that I am astounded.

Anonymous said...

Was it outrageous? Yes. But I feel that Big Brother has completely exploited John and Ash. There's been recent evidence that was of Camilla saying she wanted to be turkey slapped. So is Camilla really a victim here. Big Brother hasn't shown this footage yet either.

Anonymous said...

This is shocking. Im from the UK, and have never seen the AU version. BB is a very controvercial show world wide, but this is too far.

Anonymous said...

It is really a very bad thing. This is not good for the society.
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