Thursday, June 04, 2009


A break in transmission. What was to be a post linking to a seminar run by a banker for lawyers on how to exploit the recession, coupled with some witty byline like 'why DOES everyone love bankers and lawyers so much?', has been shelved since I don't have any way of editing. I have lost my wizzywiggz!

My explorer has not changed in the past few days. Java is on. I have now cleared my cookies, kicked wall at the back of my workstation, and reached across to touch my corkboard, the nearest approximation of wood. All my tricks have been exhausted.

This has happened before. Has it happened to others? Is Google too busy splashing about in its wave search thingy to attend to humble blogger?




JahTeh said...

I'm still trying to work out how Google stole my address bar from my IE toolbar. Very annoying!

Ann oDyne said...

Hi from brownie - is 10 years old today, is on twitter and this is the wiki -

Overlawyered is a weblog on the subject of tort reform run by author Walter Olson.
Founded in 1999, it is widely considered the world's first law-oriented blog.
The subject of the site is absurdities, excesses,[3] and abuse[4] of the American tort law system. Its regular readership includes thousands of lawyers in the United states, as well as physicians, and readers in other countries considering American-style tort systems