Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spew, snot and rain- yay for long weekends

June long weekend has always been a dead loss, I can't remember a time where, anticipating the opportunity, I've organised a holiday and taken advantage. This was no exception, with one catch-up with friends planned for the Monday, a plan cancelled due to excess snot and vomit.

There is no narrative I can unfurl; the whole weekend blends into itself as a scene, set in the lounge room, slate-grey outside with intermittent rain. We are passing Mitt-Mitts back and forth, he cries a fair bit, snotty, later throwing up a morning's worth of liquid and bringing us our closest brush with a trip to the Royal Children's. Bear is pottering around. Thankfully she got into the Angelina Ballerina puzzle book, so she was easily entertained in the one spot. Pulling out puzzles, putting them back in with approximately 1 frustrated dummy spit per puzzle. This did not lose its entertainment value after the 42nd time.

Beloved held out well, falling sick near the end. I developed a sharp pain in my lower back from constant child-handling, a pain that resulted in my legs nearly giving way while walking to get take away last night.

The cats circled, antsy, arcing in for attention whenever a gap appeared. The weather was so lousy that Mao refused to go outside at all yesterday.

We went shopping, to 'shoppo' as Lucy Tartan puts it, and were quite successful. I wheeled the kids around the ladies section of DJ's for 45 minutes, stopping by the change rooms to write off various pairs of jeans as ill-fitting. Sass & Bide, or Bidet as we say north of the Yarra, had no chance after I used the analogy of a short carrot to describe their lack of flattery. Beloved ended up with a nice pair of Diesels. The kids got PJs, Bear choosing hers with a little embroidered crab on the front. I got a mediocre coffee after a long wait at Muffin Break. That was the exciting bit over with, late Saturday morning. The rest you know.

Should I start a new tag "Cabin Fever"?

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cristy said...

Sounds just like our wkd, except Lily had the snot and I vomitted. Oh and we didn't leave the house at all... Fun wasn't it?