Friday, June 26, 2009

Mannish Boy- the nicknames, the song...

He has a short, reasonably sensible name. However he has, in less than 6 months of life, attracted the following nicknames:

- the Cub;

- Mr Man;

- Mr Magoo;

- Mr Mr Man;

- Mitta Mitta Man;

- Mitt Mitts;

- Mittsa;

- Widgery Boy;

- Chops; and

- Mannish Boy.

Cub was an attempt to find an equivalent of Bear, but a boy soon took his own path. Widgery boy has absolutely no rationale at all. And the rest all relate, one way or another, to the fact that his man-features - in particular his brow and chin which have been visibly different to Bear's since the 12 week scan - are stretching to beefcake proportions.

Chops, for example, I use because his thighs are shaped like big pork chops! Sumo Boy has also been heard.

Leading from this I often sing him variants to Mannish Boy which, for the uninitiated, is the song with the riff recycled for Bad to the Bone. Yes, the one that made the song famous. The new lyrics often go along the lines of:

I'm a mannish boy,
I made nearly half a year,
an' I tellin' ya baby,
I'm gonna nibble yo ear!

He loves it, especially the riff between each line; Dar-Dar-Doo-Dar-Dum, Da-Dum, Da-Dum... Oh I just thought I'd share! File under goofball dad keeps track of silliness.


Penthe said...

We knew that things had gone too far when our charming baby became known as 'Eric von Struhheim'. It made sense at the time? No, not really.

Armagny said...

I love it. Sense? What have nicknames to do with sense anyway?

MsLaurie said...

My little brother was fondly known as 'Fat Chops'. I had a lisp through, and proudly told all and sundry that my baby brother was called Hat Chops.