Monday, June 01, 2009

Relatives- We have one and she reads this site...

And sometimes more gets published here than we choose to share with the wider family. So it is entirely possible some worry hanging over our heads for a few days might stray onto this site, but not become the subject of phone calls to the grandparents. They might then get a surprise call from someone in the family structure, let's say one of Beloved's Aunts, asking what's going on.

Aunty-Aunty, tsk tsk!

When both her sets of parents found out about the scare, they were at pains to emphasise, over and over, how Beloved must call and share such news immediately. This I found somewhat insensitive and it probably emphasised the reasons she didn't.

The last time she had such a scare, buried way back in the archives of this blog, she called a parent and instantly got a long, one-sided talk about how that parent had once had a similar health scare and all the ins and outs of their experience. She was hardly asked about her own feelings, and hung up angry and disappointed. So it's little wonder she wanted to bunk down, eat chocolate, drink shiraz, cuddle her immediate family, and wait until we had some news.

Beloved does not mind Aunty-Aunty finding out, per se. Aunty-Aunty holds a special place in Beloved's history, a de facto big sister at a time when Beloved needed all the older role models she could find. Aunty-Aunty has a good manner with the kids. Aunty-Aunty just needs to move to Melbourne and she'd be roped into all the babysitting she could handle.



F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

another chapter of a big fat book titled 'All Families Are The Same'.
The mother/daughter thing is a universal battlefield. comiserations.

cristy said...

Sometimes I wish that my family didn't read my blog. I could be a lot more honest. Worse though is when I forget that they do and I am all too honest... Happens more than it should.

Hate the 'you should tell us immediately' stuff. I know that it is said out of concern, but sometimes you just need to process things in your ownvtime and space.

MsLaurie said...

My little blog has not yet strayed into the familial, but for fear it might, I've been resisting telling MrLaurie the address. He knows I blog, but not what I do! Heh. And google helps him not.

Its probably lucky they don't read the blog. How could you rant if you knew it would come back at you? It would take all the release out of it.

Armagnac Esq. said...

I understand, I started this blog as 'The Groom Stripped Bare', which was excellent for rapid gathering of hits and links on pure novelty value, but I soon hit the guilts and let Beloved in on it.

But it does hold you back a bit, there is one major family rift in particular that I haven't really mentioned on here that would make excellent blog material, but...

Bwca Brownie said...

I have always thought that
"What Personality Disorder Are You?
had potential as a 'reality-TV' show' now I think
What's Your Family-Rift ?
goes on the list.
We all haz one (mine is too ugly to blog, but was triggered by my first blog (RIP)mentioning one little point that was discovered).

blue milk said...

I too am a little trapped by family and friends and friends of family etc reading my blog. I sometimes consider ditching that blog and starting a new anonymous one.

But was very pleased for you and your partner that everything was ok with this particular scare.

Armagnac Esq. said...

My word Verif. is Asednes. Am I being told something?

Thanks BM re the scare. And yep I've thought of going completely anonymous so I could REALLY write in a raw manner, but when I started this blog I was briefly anonymous (read the first 5 or 6 posts) but had too many guilts.

In any event I think it's only 2 or 3 who read it. And unlike the bulk of the relative matrix, Aunty Aunty hasn't caused us any major headaches.

We ARE still hoping they'll move to Melba one day, Aunty and Uncle are both Academics and have past history at La Trobe.