Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I read my first word I read it I said it I said "I"!

"What's that Bear?"

*points to a capital letter 'I' on the page*


"Can you say that one?"

*moments tick by, a Bear wearing her problem-solving face*


"Ay!.... that's Ay!" she correctly states and a dad starts whooping with glee.

"Hey BELOOOVED, Bear just read her first word off the page, she said I, as in the letter 'I' which is of course a word, I'm so proud, did you hear me she READ HER FIRST WORD I AS IN "I", Beloooved...yay, WELL DONE BEAR, YAYY!!"

Beloved returns a volley of similar excitement from the other room. I sit there bouncing my feet and grinning ear-to-ear. Bear smiles, a little bemused.

Who says parents become obsessed with trivia?

At just under 2 years and 6 months my girl read something off the page and I am excited because I love and am sentimental about reading. Well, that and the usual overwhelming dad-pride.

Speaking of....

She's also into singing. This morning she sat next to Mr Man and sang for him, he stared back in awe, I got overwhelmed with the Ah-cutes. Last night she stopped as we were coming down the stairs, looking serious, and broke into a rendition of 'dancing face' by Justine Clark, complete with frowns, wiggling ears and other highlights. I cracked up laughing, but she didn't miss a beat, continuing with the song and hamming it up even more, clearly impressed with the effect she'd had.

Daughter's always on stage.

(Updated the title slightly! Bear has been talking her head off for ages, the excitement here was about her recognising a word, albeit a single letter, and reading it off the page with no clues.).


iODyne said...

Dear gnacMan
I am so happy that you are happy.
Now it's only a matter of time before your Bear whips past 'me' and 'you'
to ... ummm ... all the infinite potentialities.
Keep enjoying the ride.

cristy said...

Lily's first words were Lily and Mama. I guess I write them a lot... It's so fun watching them read and sing.

Jez said...

Haha that's awesome dude. I can just picture her dancing and singing.

Penthe said...

Loves Justine Clarke and reading. Self-reflexive. Cool kid, your Bear.