Friday, June 26, 2009

Cat Psychosis Triggered By Stupid Novelty Card!

Now and then I notice a sleeper comment on an old post, something added well after it had slipped off the radar. Occasionally they are worth giving some airtime, as with this extraordinary tale left under my post about Mao going nuts back in '06:

My cat full on tried to kill me yesterday morning. The trigger was apparently a card that when opened has pooh talking. And pooh was the absolute devil. He thought it was me and next thing I knew I was having to fight for my life. I was thankfully on my way out the door, so I had on jeans and shoes. And for a cat that has no front claws...he certainly caused a significant amount of damage to my leg. And my arm seems to have a swollen lymph node now. I have had "cat scratch fever" before, and I am thinking that I have it again.

I left him in my apartment for the bulk of the day and when I came back...he was still trying to attack me. My parents came out and wrangled him into his cat carrier and took him to there house. Last I heard he was still in it b/c he was still aggresive. They were going to try and let him out later to roam the basement. He is going to the vet tomorrow, when it opens. I hope that they are able to fix him. But at the same time, I am sufficently scared of him and don't know what to do. I am going to wait to see what the vet says. I miss him something terrible. He was my baby boy. I saved him from my apartment parking lot. After a he had taken a ride in the engine of my car.

Well, it has to be said I'd hate being carried along in the engine of the car, and as for those fucking cards/books/plastic toys that talk....

No updates on the outcome. I hope things went back to normal for this anonymous commenter the way they did for Mao and I.

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