Friday, June 19, 2009

May a dozen words muffle your point

Slap me in the face with a frozen flathead, I agree with Tony Abbott:

"Rudd's tone oscillates between injured innocence and earnest self-importance, but he never uses one word when a dozen might muffle his point," Mr Abbott wrote on News Ltd's website The Punch. Wit and brevity should be key during question time, he said.

Credit where it's due, that's a good one-liner.

It's because he's a bu-reau-crat Tony, welcome to my world and one of its plenary frustrations.


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Helen said...

I've got a frozen fish finger I can chuck at you, will that do?

Ann ODyne said...

Frozen flathead aside, there has been an occasion when I too agreed with Abbott, once I even agreed with something JWHoward proclaimed.
Bob Katter too, once, I think.

This puts us above the nongs who think every claim by their party is scripture, and every claim by any other party is rubbish.