Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nuts. Cats. Nuts. No Daddy!

*Thump* *Thump*

A ribbon of cream and brown cat fur swirls past, almost fluid with speed and linear perfection. Mao and Minh at play, something beyond tracking by the mortal eye.


"No not nuts daddy. Cats!"

I sit there stunned as Beloved cracks up. I am the punchline, but frankly I'm also just floored at being corrected by my 28 month old daughter.

Today the Doctor told Beloved that Bear is amazingly articulate.* They looked around the surgery, Bear pointed out the "stethoscope" and other points of interest, before asking if she could play with some toys in the corner "please, Doctor?"

Sorry to brag but I am a proud daddy, I am simply puffing up with pride. And pissing myself, what a crackup. Funny girl, my daughter.

*my emphasis, of course.


Legal Eagle said...

I LOVE it. Clever clever Bear.

Helen said...

I can't believe she's talking like that already.

In a couple of years time you may be praying for her to shut up, just for a few minutes, you know.

But not just yet. :-)

w/v: fuspankt: the condition of being run over by bumptious and unheeding four footed furries. eg, Ow!! Ich Bin FuBankt.