Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poo - Sun Tsu's Art of Toilet Training

"Let's try a bit longer luvvie, you must be close to doing a poo..."

"I want to get off the toi-yet!"

*starts dismounting*

"You sure Bearsy?"

(Voice of mum interjects...)

"She's close, really close.."

(Weak dad attempts to fix serious expression on face)

"Won't you give it a bit longer, luffiduff?"

*dismount now almost complete*

"I want to get off the TOI-YET!!"

"OK, OK, sweetie, all good, into the bath"

*picks up toddler*

*places in bath*

1 second

2 seconds

PHUTT!! A great brown cable splits in two as it hits the water, disintegrating in seconds among the various porous bath toys.

"I done a poo daddy."


So after hand-scooping most of it out, and pushing the rest into the plughole, and lobbing all the toys out around the bathroom floor, Bear has her first, standing-alone-like-a-big-kid shower. She couldn't believe how funny that was!

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Mindy said...

This made me laugh so much. I'm sure it's the warm water that does it. Got to love parenting.