Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Victoria leads, backbench follows

Another reminder of why I chose to live in this freezing corner of the country:
Nearly two out of three Victorians (63 per cent) say immigrants have a positive influence, compared with about half those in other states, according to an Associated Press/Ipsos Poll.
And with signs of a backbench revolt over Howard's ongoing refugee-bashing and Indonesia-appeasing agenda, things are looking up for desperate people of different colours who want to join the downunder project.


MrLefty said...

You choose to live down here? I'm just too lazy to get off my arse and move! (Occasionally mildly-palatable politics aside.)

Brownie said...

Victorians would say that.
We had the Olympics in 1956 and the result was an amazing improvement in food and music. Many chefs and athletes stayed on. My high school music teacher was one of them. He was from Boston USA and in 1963 he played us Ray Charles and Bob Dylan and changed our lives.