Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gusmao to Alkatiri: Game Over

Collective sound of breath being held.

UPDATE: Breath still being held. Four Corners decides East Timorese foreign policy but apparently Auntie still needs a good Windshuttling.

UPDATE II: Xanana says it's him or me. If Fretilin need help with that decision they may as well rejoin Indonesia.

UPDATE III: Alkatiri says "No Way!"

What we don't need is Gusmao gone and Alkatiri still in place. Xanana is possibly the only person capable of giving orders to the wild ex-fighters of the former East Timorese Resistance. He commands an incredible amount of respect as our regional Mandela. It might have been better though if Xanana hadn't made such an ultimatum, or could be talked into backing down if Alkatiri clings on for the time being.

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