Monday, June 26, 2006

Boycott Bruce Willis

The Right do it, why shouldn't we? Hat tip to Catallaxy, Bruce Willis is officially the thickest actor in Hollywood:
Saddam Hussein had to be removed. What I saw over there were schools being reopened and the power being turned back on and hospitals being reopened and built, and what I saw were a lot of Iraqi people who want what you and I want —they want a job, to be able to raise our kids in a free world where guys don't walk in with dynamite strapped to themselves and blow themselves up.
A free world where Americans walk in and rake them all full of lead. And exactly how often did suicide bombings take place in Iraq under Saddam, Brooce?
I support these kids over there fighting and dying, you know. It's a harsh, harsh, existence.
What, these kids? Be specific you fool.

The passage that caught Catallaxy's attention:
The perception in the modern world is that America lost the Vietnam War. A lot of Australians fought in the Vietnam War. But if the free world had not fought in Vietnam for 15 years, there would be no multibillion-dollar free trade world in the Pacific Rim. There would be no Taiwan. So we held back that communism that would want to shut down that free trade. And if a free trade economy is established in the Middle East, hopefully, a similar thing could happen.
Similar to the free trade economy America established in Vietnam in 1974? Or similar to the Taiwan which is in Vietnam what the Americans liberated when they didn't lose at all?
I've saved the planet eight or nine times now.
Right. Eight or Nine. Thank god for Bruce.

Next time I'm considering shelling out on one of his thick and fast epics I'll ram my money down the nearest drain instead.


fc said...

Thanks for leaving your comment...

As to this post, I think a lot of us who were against Bush from the beginning and against the war before it started never thought it would be handled as badly as they have done. From the time they took Bagdad and let all the looting take place it has been one incompetent move after the next. Some of them utterly hard to believe. I feel sorry for the Iraqi in that we have allowed a civil war to start that will be next to impossible to stop. Very sad...

Painting a school and rebuilding a hospital is small comfort to them when they turn around and take their kids and family members to the hospital suffering from bullet wounds and bombings...

- fc (fatcat politics)

BridgeGirl said...

I recently saw 'The Fog of War - 11 lessons from Robert McNamara' who talked about the decisions made to go to war and also when to pull out. He said that if Kennedy had lived, the Americans would have been pulled out of the Vietnam war earlier. He obviously thought very differently from Nixon, who eventually forced McNamara to resign.