Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Zero respect for Cockheaded Coke

Coke appear to be abusing comment threads to promote their new 'hip' drink Zero. Either that or they've inspired a bizarre cult among marketing students. The latter theory does seem less than credible.

See here. The Zero Movement. Like, it's wa-ay more than a drink.

Pass it on, refer to 'Coke' and 'Zero' in the heading and maybe they'll get some publicity they didn't bargain for.

UPDATE : Mr Lefty's also joining the dude movement!

UPDATE II : Someone's copping a mouthful of smeg, read about the backlash on Wiki, visit the Zero Coke Movement.

UPDATE III : Join the totally wikked dudes and tell them how much, like, the Zero Movement is way rad.

UPDATE IV : Look what's being said in the name of Coke's new product:
So even though I'm single again now, the Zero Games day was definitely a good idea. If I hadn't decided to try it, I might have never have found out that Bree was such a slut. And now I'm free to make a move on the new hottie in my section at work!
Now we DEFINITELY know he's a marketing student!

"Dudes, someone's, like, onto our scam":
some of you don't seem to share our enthusiasm for the zero movement. I guess when something as fresh and innovative as the zero movement comes along, there's always going to be some people who are a little bit wary of it. You're entitled to your opinion guys, but try and keep the comments constructive huh? We believe in zero censorship here, but also zero hatred. Anyway, enough of the negative stuff.
No mate, it'll be enough when you go back to teleselling fucking kitchen appliances, loser.

UPDATE MCCVII : The Pepsi conspiracy theory starts to gain traction, see Electron Soup. Suppose if you'll get into bed with Pinochet there isn't a lot you wouldn't do. But at this stage, not where I'd put the bulk of my money, maybe just a hedge...

UPDATE O-O : Ah, apparently it's all satire. I like satire, but if that's true then they kinda missed the mark. I'm not at all convinced, perhaps we'll never know the truth...


Lucy Tartan said...

I see you're thinking of dear old Nige as well.

Sockpuppets, jeez.

MrLefty said...

I'm having fun commenting on there under fake aussie names and complaining about Coke being weak as piss and all these other drinks being nicer.

Because whilst notoriety helps them, bitchy brand-tarnishing comments really don't.

Anonymous said...

coke zero"

Time for a googlebomb , don't you think? ;)