Thursday, February 02, 2006

Proof that the Right would kill us on principle...

Tiberius, in the comments at Jericho's place:
I would much rather see the world burned to nuclear ash before letting the religion of pigfuckers have control of it.
These people are behind the hawkish Right, don't forget it, don't assume there are limits on where they would take us....

UPDATE: I'm not implying Mr Jericho or many other people on the right would go that far. Many are driven by a security analysis that is far more apocalyptic than mine, and by a level of intolerance I find distasteful, but not by abject hatred or psychosis. But I've observed Tiberius in action for a while and I'm not wearing any crap about right wing humour; unfortunately there are some within their ranks who really do think this way, and it's important to be aware of them, in the way it's important to be aware that a river contains crocodiles before you start swimming...


Splatterbottom said...

The sub-title of Tiberius site states, rather bracingly: Dedicated to the Torture and Death of All Leftists.

Now given that no leftists have been tortured or murdered lately, we must conclude that Tiberius is inept. Or (drumroll) it could be that Tiberius is not 100% serious.

One thing for sure, though, his heart is in the "right" place.

I'm sure he would be complimented by your suggestion that he his behind anything. If you think that, you are deluded. He is just a naughty boy stirring the pot.

Don Quixote said...

But it is that kind of rhetoric that the right brings up when they criticize the nutzoid communists.

Besides, it is always funny when you aren't part of the group that is being threatened. If that kind of talk came from the left it'd be held up as an example of the 'latest craziness from the moonbat brigade'.

Splatterbottom said...

When Kos said that he felt nothing for the four contractors whose remains were strung from a bridge in Fallujah, and then added "Screw Them" I think he was being serious. The left is mostly too earnest. Rather than use hyperbole it is usually taking itself too seriously in the fever Swamps of Kos or DU or MoveOn.

I'm sure there are some good leftist ranters somewhere, but I can't recall any. I do remember from my uni days in the 70s we never took it too seriously when the Maoists told us that "Come the revolution you will be first against the wall". When the Stalinists said it, it was entirely more menacing.

adam said...

He's a pretty funny bloke. Should read his review of the computer game "Rome: Total War".

He once said in CL's comments that I literally made him puke over himself. A complement, really.

leftvegdrunk said...

I think the description of Jericho's view is pretty well spot on. Funny that this kind of "apocalyptic" view would be ridiculed by Blairites and so on as "doom and gloom" if it came from the nominal left.

Tiberius? Who? One of those Western Heart fellas, isn't he? Last time I read that blog they were on about David Hicks "taking it up the arse". Humour? Not my kind.

Splatterbottom said...

Oh dear dear dear, Armaniac.

Admit it you are being obtuse in order to score a few cheap guilt by association points here. You sound like the Kazakhis talking about Borat.

How do you ever cope with Dame Edna?

Face it, you and I both know that often the most accurate interpretation is obtained not by taking a person literally, particularly when the person is speaking hyperbolically.

There is also the matter of taste, and obviously Tiberius is not to everyone's taste. In fact I have had the odd run-in with him myself. I have also had a few good laughs from him.

He will probably now drop by and insist on being taken literally.

By the way, did you see the cruel destruction of this poor sod by the swarming minions of the right. Some of the comments under the second post from the top (Wingnuts) are far more shameful than anything I have seen from Tiberius.

Anonymous said...

Delirious is a true Walter Mitty, playing video games and dreaming of elusive glory.

Don Quixote said...

I followed that whole thing, Splatter Bottom, and the poor guy got slaughtered. He probably should have checked his facts before he pulled the trigger. It does, however, seem to have increased his readership by a considerable amount.

Splatterbottom said...

Hi Don

As you may have guessed, I am not a natural ally of David, but I think a bunch of brownshirts raining bile down on him is terrible.

Also, he had a really interesting point about Charles from LGF and his falling out with one-time business partner Dennis the Peasant. This was lost when he changed the post, and it is something most of the righties that came to his site would have done well to read.

adam said...

maybe you could maybe google cache it?

Thanks for the link Splatterbum - that was a pretty sobering read. Putting aside partisanship for a second, I really worry about those Blairite sociopaths. I used to be a regular reader and commenter, but the amount of personal threats soon became too much. Besides, Andrea Harris began her infamous habit of tracking down IP addresses and reporting offending leftoids to their employers. Those that had them anyway - LOLs.

If anything, i thought THAT would be more of a blogosphere no-no than what Heidelberg did.

Splatterbottom said...

Hi Adam

I don't know how the Google cache thing works. The link to Dennis I found interesting is here.

Mike Jericho said...

Okay... I seem to be a little confused.

The title of this post is:

"Proof that the Right would kill us on principle..."

And that is in reaction to Tiberius' remark:

"I would much rather see the world burned to nuclear ash before letting the religion of pigfuckers have control of it."

You seem to have construed a direct threat to liberals/leftists in his statement. I don't believe that was his intent at all.

Of course, there is the direct implication that should Islam take over the planet, he would rather we all die. That can hardly be fairly presented as the leftists themselves being deliberately targeted any more than, say, Tiberius' grandmother. Sure, in his senario she would still die, but she wasn't Casus Belli.

His grievance is with the Islamists who, in his senario, would make all of our lives intolerable.

Mike Jericho said...

Leftvegdrunk, perhaps if you weren't so woefully ignorant, you would be a little pessimistic too.

Do you know why we escaped nuclear annihilation in the Cold War? Simple. Because while the Russians possessed the capability to annihilate us, because of the retaliatory deterrent (MAD), they lacked the inclination.

With the case of Iran, this principle of deterrence is turned upon its head. We are now faced with an Iran which has every inclination to use nuclear weapons on Israel and the western nations, but (as yet) lacks the capability.

Our only hope in avoiding what is an inevitable nuclear exchange (of some severity) lay in the EU actually doing something to prevent Iran from acquiring them. The US agreed to allow the EU to take care of the Iranian problem. Because they are weak-kneed leftists and corrupt, anti-American buffoons, they did nothing.

Mark my words. Unless the US military can pull out a "Hail Mary" plan to somehow disable the Iranian nuclear program, at least one major city in Israel or the west will be annihilated by an Iranian-provided nuclear warhead in the next ten years.

Then, I wonder, how smug you will feel.

David Heidelberg said...


I'm going to put the link to Dennis the peasant back up. I don't think that it is particularly nasty, but gives a pretty good insight into Charles Johnson, and the rest of the PJ crew.

I certainly deserved criticism, but the bile was a bit thick. I also could have deleted the comments, but I think that they serve as a pretty good example of some of the attitudes that exist. I should also mention that many blairites, including tim himself expressed some discomfort at many of the comments.

Splatterbottom said...

Hi David

I think the DP piece gives an insight into a couple of the more prominent rightist blogs, which would be interesting to people who read them.

I hope to spar with you in the comments sections of a few blogs, even if you drop out of regular blogging. Best wishes.

The Daily Magnet said...

Left-right, right-left, there is so much of this going on I am beginning to think most bloggers must have an army background. Why don't you all go out parasailing instead.

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