Thursday, December 08, 2005

Split the politics and personal?

Got broadband, ready to get serious.

Playing with different blog formats and ideas like a child with chemicals. Stay with blogger, or get 'professional'? Start others or keep it all here?

I intend to write a lot more political stuff, but want to keep the personal going too. I've noticed as I've politicised the content here more recently, visitors who came to talk about the personal have been alienated.

Is it over-indulgent to be a blog tart? Do you like it all here?


PK said...

I like the mix of personal and political. It keeps it interesting and original. And your personal life seems quite mixed up with your political life anyway.

boynton said...

I like the mix too.
Blogger seems pretty good these days and I suspect it's over-indulgent (of us all) to worry too much about domain names and branding when the experience of reading blogs is much the same whether @ blogspot or my dot com?
(I'm no expert in these meta matters of professional style though)

Anonymous said...

It’s almost like it’s the opposite: political and personal. You have to keep the personal secret when dealing with politics - therefore the term diplomatic. It could be used against you. I would mix the two with no holds barred (and some more), but then I don’t aspire a career in politics.
Whatever you'll do, you've got my readership!
Love n hugs, Hannie

Armagnac Esq. said...

Damn, can't read the verifyer, hope this works!

Thanks guys, well, you get what you ask for.

Stick with me as I ramp up the politics while keeping the raw and personal in there.

Fun times! I love blogging!

Zoe said...

I like the mix too.

And I can tell you've got broadband, because the posts have gone all link heavy. I haven't you see, as 7 kms from the middle of Canberra is A Suburb Too Far.

Armagnac Esq. said...

That's outrageous Zoe, especially considering that almost all of canberra's "suburbs" are a good half hour drive out of town.