Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm not condoning thousands going on a racist rampage, BUT...

Say the leading hate-dogs of the right:

Albrechtson. Of course. No one tells her to go back to fucking Denmark because her racism doesn't mesh with OUR culture, I bet!

Piers Ackerman: 'Oh it was all terribly awful, but those lefties who invented multiculturalism and imposed all those wops on us didn't half cause it.'

The Esteemed Herald Sun editorial desk: 'Well, some violence and terror at the hands of the worst trash Sydney can muster just proves its the fault of people who talk that multicultural crap.'

That's what I like about the right, they hate being called racist, it sends them into spasms, but they find so many more subtle and devious means to reach the same ends.

But then I found this one. Again, here at the Armagnac Desk we're keen to acknowledge any glimpse of humanity from the other side, so I give you...

Rice and Monkey Nuts: wanting us to understand the complexity of the situation, the background and deprivation that leads people to such terrible ends. Oh he still manages to relativise outright mass race hate and make unbalanced comparisons, but there's definitely a nuance, a thoughtfulness, that reaches back into his days as a lefty.

If only the MPD ridden fool could be vaguely consistent. Palestine, anyone?

UPDATE: Flutey's nailed it nicely.


Marcian S. said...

Speaking of consistency, when the French Muslim youths were rioting across the entire country; fighting police, setting thousands of cars alight - along with old, handicapped French women - and killing the occasional Frenchman, was your first reaction to think them racists?

Or did you immediately believe their rioting a reaction to white racism?

If the latter is true, and it is also true that Australians at Cronulla have suffered unchecked racism at the hands of Lebanese gangs for more than a decade, then why do you believe the international newsmedia immediately took a view similar to the one which it applied to the Australian riots, namely, that white racism is to blame?

One cannot help but draw the conclusion that a double standard is being practiced here, and that those well-intentioned leftists who by default find blame with white populations (regardless of circumstance) are, by doing so, becoming themselves racists.

Do you not agree? Or do perhaps my words implicate you just a tad?

Armagnac Esq. said...

No, I'd never think it was a reaction to white racism! After all there's no history of discrimination over there. Just put your hijab back on and head to school...

Personally I missed the signs and texts saying "head to Paris for white bashing day", but obviously I was busy implicating myself in something or another.

Marcian. S said...

Are you saying that the inhabitants of Cronulla suffered no racism or violence perpetrated by Lebanese gangs? Help me, friend. I am trying to see the logic in your position.

Because unless you deny that outright, which is a difficult position to prove (as all the evidence states that the contrary is true, that they have suffered quite bad racism at the hands of these gang members) your position is untenable.

In order for your view to be the case, we would have to assume that 5,000 Australian people often riot with no cause. Is that the case?

Do you believe that anti-white racism is a fiction invented by racist conservatives? Are you one of these people who cannot concieve of it? You do understand that the basic premise of socialism is that all men are equal, yes? That also means that all men are equally capable of racism, and that no group is more capable than any other. Germans exterminated Jews as Turks exterminated Armenians. Such is the nature of man.

You are in trouble. Your argument is not based on evidenced reality. It is sophistry. I can use it, if I so desire, to show that the Muslims of France rioted across the entire country for two weeks for no reason. Because, you see, it is not based upon anything other than the supposition that they are bad people prone to motiveless rioting.

You could claim that the Australians hate Muslims, I suppose, and I could counter that the French Muslims said exactly the same sorts of unpleasant, racist things about the white French.

In the end, the logical man says that thousands of people do not riot for no reason.

I can concede that perhaps the French Muslims did riot because of French racism. But you cannot concede the same about those Australians at Cronulla - that their rioting was caused by frustration over Muslim racism.

If you do, I am proven correct. That the newsmedia has applied "a broad brush" as you Australians say.

Your position is inflexible, does not allow for human nature, and is entirely ideological.

You seem to have a good heart. Rethink it.

Marcian. s said...

As for your second paragraph, the French Muslims did indeed use mobile phones to coordinate their anti-French attacks. It is quite well documented.

They did not bother with the signs or placards. The flames lighting the Parisian skyline was sufficient advertising.

Marcian. S said...

This evening past, four more Christian churches burned, and, yet again, no hooliganism whatsoever by white Australians.

To continue to focus solely upon Cronulla would seem a little selective and redundant, no?

B. S. Fairman said...

So the action of the mob on Sunday is therefore justified? I don't get your point to claim because one side does something wrong the other is allowed to do the same. If everyone did as you suggest everyone would be bashing everyone else and everything would be fine. Two wrongs have never made a right and never will.

Marcian. S said...

Did I say it was justified? Or did I complain that one "understanding" was applied to the French Muslims - because of race - and another was applied to the Australians, because of their race.

In each case, the white people were to blame. Even though the situation of the French Muslims and Cronulla Australias were virtually identical and certainly identical to foreign news organisations with only the most basic understanding of the matter.

Please, do not use red-herrings to obfuscate the argument. I never claimed that either side had the moral high ground.

Merely that the media operates by a default double standard. No matter the situation, white people are the cause or enactors of racism, and never the victim of it. The newsmedia, like most leftists, do not recognise the existence of anti-white racism.

It is a position completely at odds with basic human nature.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Having a shit of a night, can't chat long, but no, I do not deny the existence of anti white racism.

The overt, large scale and vicious racism at Cronulla shocked me. On the other hand had there just been a protest at violence, including ethnic and apparently racist violence, at the beach, I wouldn't be nearly as worked up.

But contrary to beat ups about how unfair the media is, I've in fact taken an impression from the media for years that gangs of roaming youths of largely lebanese descent get into a disproportionate amount of aggro. Funny thing is though, whenever I experience or see aggression it is nearly always at the hands of bogans. Not always, but nearly.

Why don't we want to "acknowledge" problems in the way other groups act? Because the group that consumately went over the edge was the white racists, whether or not there were valid reasons for them to protest, and just as the right complain when there's a terror attack and islamic leaders condemn the attacks but then swing, mid sentence, into saying the root causes have to be addressed, implying they aren't taking the teror attack seriously enough, so too we can see people trying to palm off blame and not calling this for what it is.

I've seen few things in my entire life that were more overtly racist that what was being said or done by a significant number of people there. Many others i'm sure were there to protest against violence and reverse racism, but there were a significant number whose actions were inexcusable.

And the right are out in force, excusing or at the least minimising them.

THat's why people like me are so angry.

But thanks for putting your case civily, your a welcome guest.

The Turtle's Back said...

Mm, Albrechtsen really is the kind of person who would club baby seals, and even stab a penguin - IN THE BACK! That woman really is a bit loose in the head. I am tired of writing letters to refute her - I must find myself a better enemy!

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