Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Most racist, most stupid

Expecting more Cronulla action? Not this time, over to the world's most uninsurable man.

The Iranian President called the Holocaust a myth and called for cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Jews.

Also in unrelated and undisturbing news, Iran approved a nuclear power plant.

This lefty, for one, won't be condemning Israel when they send the F-16s across and neutralise it. Or him.


B. S. Fairman said...

The only problem with the F-16's is the Americans next door would then have an even greater pile of crap on their hands. Iran is three times larger than Iraq, so it ain't going to be fun at all.

Guy said...

He's a nasty piece of work, but I think the Americans and the likes of countries such as Israel will be once bitten twice shy when it comes to the any further invasions, after the Iraq debacle.

Suburban Bloke said...

One of the real bad things about invading and occupying Iraq [As well as the stupidity]is that the real bad guys will now thumb their nose at any international intervention led by the UN because they know that the mainstay of any effective action, a potent US military, has been savaged in Iraq. Like the fall-out after Ethiopia [Blackhawk Down etc], the US public will be wary of projecting that type of US power overseas again [Or for a while, until they forget, or they are told massive lies again].

I was pretty happy about the US's participation in the Battle of the Coral Sea, Iwojima, Guadal Canal and the D Day Landings [Though not the A bomb on civlian populations].

Once again, dumb schmuck George and his neo-cons are a bunch of c*%ts. They have spoiled it for the international community.