Monday, December 12, 2005

Blogging Cronulla's Hitler-Savants

OK first off, you're welcome to criticise sharply here, but resort to personal mud when your arguments run out and I'll simply hit the delete button.

Guy acknowledges this wasn't the first violence seen by Cronulla, but implores locals not to whip up
a mob of drunken retards...
At Catallaxy they're calling a pogrom a pogrom.

Weez reflects on how as a white migrant to the lucky country:
It really was only hours after I got off the plane in Sydney in 1996 that I started to be fed crap about "wogs and abos" and yet strangely expected to commiserate with this racist tripe.
Someone's kept a sense of humour.

And Stoush had to end their fiery and interesting, er, stoush, because the vitriol descended into aggro. Same random thread-abuser I deleted here.

Then there's the Right. All that whistling and suddenly the yard's full of dogs.

But I'm not bothering with all the apologists and Golden But-meisters at this late hour. Instead, because we all need a little optimism, enjoy seeing one of them actually retain the bulk of their condemnation for Cronulla's Cornucopia of Cowards....

Tim Blair, surprisingly, keeps the anti-lefty digs to a minimum while his best mud gets slung at the racist yobs. He lables them Trash, Disgusting, Idiots and 'Winners', before calling for garbage disposal:
Round ‘em up—all of them, from both sides—charge ‘em, convict ‘em, jail ‘em.
He forgot "throw away the key"...


Jake said...

How many times have these "Hitler Savants" gone into Muslim suburbs to cause trouble, Armaniac?

How many times have Lebs gone to Maroubra and Cronulla, Armaniac?

The violence is only comparable so long as context is dropped. The Anglos are being entirely defensive.

When are you going to devote a single post to anti-white Lebanese violence, Armaniac? It's been going on for 15 years now.

Also, I look forward to the post where you show the "root causes" of Anglo "frustration" at Cronulla.

You know, like leftists did for Osama after he killed 3,000 innocents in NYC and Washington.

adam said...

Why the anger at the left, Jake?

You lot are responsible for this - right wingers have been agitating for this moment for years. Why shouldn't we be pissed off about having our flag -- OUR flag -- associated with this bullshit.

Go and fuck yourself you pathetic weasel.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Adam, I agree with you, but ease up on the personal...

Jake, believe it or not, in other blog manifestations I've not ignored 'reverse racism'.

I don't believe the at times racist conduct of ethnic gangs justifies the disgrace we saw at cronulla, but it should certainly be dealt with vigorously by law enforcement.

Now you're a regular here, I'm sure you won't miss the next time I cover such a point. Cheers.

Jake said...

"I don't believe the at times racist conduct of ethnic gangs justifies the disgrace we saw at cronulla, but it should certainly be dealt with vigorously by law enforcement."

Do you see now how much of the picture you are willfully blind to? The police have failed to do anything.

Please educate yourself as to the situation in regard to the NSW Police Force and Lebanese Gangs.

Then, when you have a clue as to why that isn't an option (thanks to PC attitudes forced on the police by people like you) we'll be able to talk more about what's possible and what's not.

Oh, and Adam? If you're so eager to side with the Lebanese Gangs, you may show your support of them by coming down to Cronulla this Sunday and loudly declaring your views.

Brownie said...

Decades ago in Melbourne, gang violence took the form of ' the Port boys are going down to Dromana to beat up the Prahran boys'. knuckledusters, bikechains. Try to believe it that Middle Park was a tough suburb right into the 1960's and the Middle Park boys would take on the Collingwood boys. and it all happened long before there were any Lebanese about. ask somebody old. RH could rock up and reminisce too. maybe the Cronulla thing was as much testosterone as racism? ie: 'I'm dumb and jobless and I have to lash out at someone, anyone'.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Police should be unleashed from all those PC constraints?

Can I suggest that 2 or 3 of your bogan mates would have copped a bullet if they weren't so tightly circumscribed- the images of dickheads swinging bottles at cops heads really didn't help sell the piers ackerman apologist view of the thuggery.

And once again you're bordering on using threats to get your way. If Adam did go down there and copped a beating at the hands of a whole bunch of cowards who use numbers and weapons to help themselves, what would that prove?

Keep that stuff out of it, cheers.

Jake said...

You know better than NSW police officers on this subject, do you?

You really are an ignorant egomaniac.

Before you reply to me by claiming that both former detective Tim Priest and this cop are both just lying because they hate Muslims, save it. I'm done with your particular brand of rampant idiocy.

Armagnac Esq. said...

I can't believe that fuckwit gets taxpayers dollars to sit around on his fat useless arse and fantasise about being able to break THIS COUNTRY's laws with impunity.

THAT sort of attitude is WHY the cops no longer get trusted, but he's too abjectly thick to see it.

But, fair comment.