Sunday, December 18, 2005

Real Aussies know racism when they see it

Sorry Johnny, you've missed the mark:
An Ipsos Mackay Research Poll for The Sunday Age showed 73 per cent of Australians agreed with the statement by NSW Premier Morris Iemma that "what showed on the weekend was the ugly face of racism in Australia". Just 21 per cent preferred Mr Howard's statement: "I do not accept that there is underlying racism in this country."
Us real patriots, who love the multicultural, tolerant Australia, can reclaim the mantle from those unaustralian types who want us to be the next South Africa.

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Ron said...

Count me in the 73% Armaniac.

I *don't* like what's happened in Sydney this weekend with the 'lockdown' though. I think it's a massive over-reaction by Iemma and the police commissioner and there's a whiff of Howard-style politics in it. Isn't this what you would have expected in the old South Africa?

This article in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald hit's the nail on the head re policing in NSW.