Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Parsing Wirajuda's threat

There's much, as Indonesia's Foreign Minister suggests, that Australians can learn about law stuff from Indonesia...
avoid emotional reactions
You don't see Indonesians reacting emotionally when we pick up terrorists or join UN missions. And emotional reactions are not a normal human response to seeing a kid hanging from his neck until it snaps.
Without predicting the outcome of any court cases, Mr Wirajuda canvassed the possibility of the death penalty for some of the nine Australians.
Well that's alright then, they can expect Indonesia's fine tradition of fair trials to be upheld. Wirajuda's not putting a punt either way by the sound of it.
mature reflection on the case of Van ... might reduce the level of public disquiet
Of course, more you think about it, more you wonder why we don't snap the neck of every stupid kid who crosses paths with the law.
This is a matter of the sovereign rights by Australia's neighbours to impose or not to impose the death penalty
Sovereignty over subjects having been deleted from International Law by the collective jurisprudential genius savants of Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and other rule of law respecting nations.

The Australian contributes by lazy editing:
The nine alleged members of the heroin-smuggling gang were arrested in Bali on April 17 and have been charged with conspiring to smuggle more than 8kg of heroin to Australia.
Some were caught with heroin.....

Beyond all reasonable doubt they were so caught!

And finally we are reprimanded on failing to see the parity between a kid smuggling drugs out of a deluded sense of family duty and a psychopath planning the murder of a large group of people on the basis of their race:
Australians were victims of the Bali bombings. But in the case of drug trafficking, the victims -- in the case of Singapore or Indonesia -- were Singaporeans or Indonesians
Be clear- if you transit in Singapore you clearly intend to affect Singaporean civilians.

Glad that's all cleared up.


Brownie said...

Who are these users purchasers drug addict VICTIMS whose well-being requires killing other people.?
The morons who live next door to me, shoot up and chuck their fits in my driveway. They were fuckwits before they found heroin and they are still fuckwits. no loss to the world if they had hung next to Van quite frankly.

On the other hand, we might all commend Van Nguyen and all other dealers, WITHOUT WHOM, we would not have had the genius of Brett Whitely, John Belushi, Nick Cave, Marianne Faithful and King Keef Richard(s).

'Don't Walk Away, Renae '- aesthetes of the world salute you.

R H said...

Well pardon me but heroin doesn't make you a genius. Although you might think so at the time. But if you're a no talent bum you'll stay that way, no matter what.
If Whitely and Belushi hadn't taken the stuff they'd probably be alive right now. So would Daniel Pollock, who was a brilliant young actor. But he got addicted to heroin, burgled his friends to pay dealers, and finally killed himself by jumping in front of a train.

I get very annoyed when I hear people saying nice things about heroin dealers. Some of their 'clients' are hard cases to begin with, that's true, but desperation to get dough for the stuff sure doesn't improve them.

People who come to this country for a better life shouldn't be doing their bit to destroy the place by sneaking heroin in here. I don't mourn this bloke at all. It's big money if you can get away with it. And he'd be laughing right now if he had.

R H said...

And Mr A, I like the plea you put up for your client, calling him a "kid with a deluded sense of family loyalty," while the other side are psychopaths and murderers.
Well done, my learned friend. But a 25 year-old man is not a kid, and the story he put up was weak as piss.

R H said...

Put $500 in the poor box on your way out. Balliff RH will be along shortly afterwards.
Immediately, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Kids who can’t bear to be part of this reality will always find ways to escape from it, be it through heroin, alcohol, glue etc. If we make everything illegal and successfully eradicate it, people will find something else (maybe by cutting themselves, choking, etc). It might be time to look at the reasons why kids find this society so intolerable and try to create a safer, more loving community.

R H said...

I could not agree more.