Sunday, December 11, 2005

Non-racists chase "Lebs and Wogs"

Move along, nothing to see here. Australia doesn't have issues with racism- provided you assimilate by becoming white and stupid.

The last thing you'd do is use some PC term like racist when a few good Aussie kids are out having a bit of fun in the Cronulla surf:
5000 people, some yelling racist chants, converged on the beach...
Grouse! Let's hope people don't misconstrue harmless larikinism
witness reports of at least three men being pursued and attacked as they tried to get away
as some sort of neo-nazi hate violence.

That wouldn't be cricket!

Anyway, any targetting was aimed at particular gangs who have been causing trouble, and was highly selective. For example, messages urged:
"Aussies" to take revenge against "Lebs and wogs".
So you're unlikely to get your head kicked in by inbred bogan hatemonkeys unless you have some Italian, Greek, Spanish, South or Central American, Lebanese, Turkish, Syrian or the rest of the Middle East including indigenous Jewish, Arab North African or Slavic blood. Or a very good tan.


Gerry said...

Welcome to Howard's white supremacist post-Tampa Australia.

They call me a traitor, but I know who the real traitor is. He's running this country! Sedition!

Guy said...

A few louts on each side have blown this up all out of proportion, and we all know whose side the majority of drunken yobs in Cronulla are on.


Brownie said...

I recall that at the height of the Pauline Hanson zenophobia fuss, the Hong Kong papers wrote dreadful things about how racist Australia was - while ignoring the FORCED migration of Chinese from there back to the dreadful little villages they escaped from. The hypocrisy of it.
The Malaysians are very racist toward the Chinese.
France and North Africans? (well France and anybody really).
Everybody, everywhere, is racist. The beach boxing beat-up in Sydney could have been about anything - beware The Meeja always.

Gerry said...

Brownie, you said: "Everybody, everywhere, is racist." What a load of racism/hate justifying crap you speak.

You might be right in saying that every race has its racists but that still doesn't make racism right or justifyable. Nor does it mean that most people in those races, provided they've been given good education, are racist. Quite the opposite is true.

I'm shocked by your views, Brownie. And offended.

Brownie said...

when I wrote it I was assuming that the media has blown the whole thing up to sell papers. I was NOT 'justifying' them at all. I was also thinking of the 'herd mentality' where a group will take out their own frustrations on whomever is handy. I have been jeered in public for simply looking different. more than once. and you are correct to connect the Cronulla brawlers to poor education. Most people are completely stupid. Vivien Solon shipped out - racism. Cornelia Rau locked up - racism. the nice demographic of Cronulla voted Liberal, endorsing the obscene saga of the Tampa refugees - racism. This country is racist. I am not 'in denial' as John Winston Howard is when he calls the incident 'UN-Australian'. It IS Australian, the 'Australia' that put him where he is.
Dear DioGerry - you are the last person i would want to offend, and you know that was not my intention.