Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Bear, what shall we do for Mummy's Day?

It's hard doing justice to Mother's Day on the blog. I've written my definitive mother's day post already, and the emotions haven't changed.

Prior to the first Mother's Day I raised the topic of presents and expectations with Beloved. Her answer was simple, that my initial effort would establish the tradition. No small weight to carry.

So I painstakingly worked my way along small, beautiful boutiques, looking for unique items with earthy colours that would match Beloved, her hair and her clothes, without needing a precise fit. I reached Scanlon & Theodore, recalled a conversation about this being a place full of desirable items, and went in clenching my credit card. I came out with a magnificent 'throw' in a rich, mottled olive that I knew would suit her. And I tested it on an attendant with a similar height and build to Beloved. How could I go wrong?

... You know when something just doesn't work, no matter how you try to wear it, for some intangible reason relating to cut, feng shui and the alignment of the stars?

So 2 mother's days later and in fact the only possible hints out there are the new Ben Harper album and a need for 'new clothes'. Bear and I snapped up the Ben Harper down at Northcote Shopping Centre, Bear noting with approval his authorship of her favourite lullaby, together with the mandatory box of Chocolatiers. But the clothes? The risk... the fear....

For being a wonderful, infinitely patient mummy (and wife) we gave her:

1 Ben Harper Album;
1 Box of chocolates;
1 Breakfast of hash browns, free range bacon, eggs and toast with fresh, stovetop coffee; and
shopping spree with a personalised shopper.

Did I do wrong? Have I encouraged the release of a demon? Have I failed my duty to challenge assumptions and whatnot by purchasing my wife a local version of Trinny & Susannah?

The reaction was good, and the worst outcome - that she took it as comment on her taste- did not happen.

We pulled out the map, drove up to the parks around the Yarra above Bulleen (past Sills Bend), stopped somewhere verdant with a large, inviting playnet, and smiled and smiled as our son dangled from the Bjorn on my chest and our daughter charged from slide to maze to swings.

They are the proof of the wonderful mother they have. Ours was a beautiful day. I think it did please Beloved more than a little...


Ann ODyne said...

Any Mother of very small children

I have a heightened distaste for divorced men who claim to love their children.
If they did, they would have been better husbands.

YOU are doing it rite.

Mindy said...

But you tried, and that's the main thing. Personal shopper is a great idea. They always know the best shops, and the little ones that you often walk past without noticing.

Helen said...

... You know when something just doesn't work, no matter how you try to wear it, for some intangible reason relating to cut, feng shui and the alignment of the stars?'Gnac (Just catching up on some archive reading), that is so beautiful. I think the old saying that your gran used to lay on ya ("it's the thought that counts") applies necessarily to home made or cheap stuff. Not so. If you hadn't put in the thought you wouldn't have had the idea to try it omn the shop assistant that had beloved's build and height.

But maybe it did work, and you were just articulating your post-buying, pre-giving fears. Great post.