Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Peasants Dredged

The smell was rather overwhelming one of an evening:

The Daily Telegraph yesterday reported that one Conservative MP had claimed successfully towards the cost a full-time housekeeper with a salary package of £14,000 ($A28,000) a year, along with £2000 for clearing the moat surrounding his manor house.

A moat. I'm torn between incredulous disgust at the ethics of the claim and a boyish love of castles and moat (and cannon turrets, dungeons, and hedge mazes of course!).

Dragon optional.

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Ann oDyne said...

Put that right out of your mind - it said "Conservative MP"

2 thousand quid to clean a moat?

it's about A$1000 to get a western district dam cleaned, or dug.

The whole MP expenses thing seems like they think that every thing they need, should be supplied over and above their bounteous remuneration.