Tuesday, May 26, 2009

60 year old male bodybuilder - what's not to love?

My new body image icon, a healthy 79kg (just 2 to go for your correspondent, plus, erm, a little bit of 'toning'), well into middle age, a political career, I present the Mayor of Charters Towers.

Although the juxtaposition of his white, priest-like head on top of all that tanning lather and the classic 'double biceps' pose immortalised by Arnie makes the image look like a second-rate photoshop job.

Good on him, I'm only half taking the piss, I really do need a healthy role model like this, I just can't work out what's stopping me realising my goals?

Because it fits in with my schedule, I go to the gym at 5.30 in the morning until about 6.30...

OK. Back to tai chi.

1 comment:

iODyne said...

Yoga mat in front of TV.
that is all.

I am evangelical about yoga since 'last resorting' to it when medicine failed to alleviate pain of pinched nerve.
thank me later.