Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bonding, it helps...

Mighty Mouse is starting to smile. He did so for me today, the biggest smiles I've yet seen him pull. It was magic. Later, I walked him around All Nations Park for a while, both of us silent, listening to my thongs scraping the path. A man stood practising Tai Chi, the cooling breeze promised hope for the small towns to our east and north.

I tag teamed with Beloved and Bear and I had the playground (Playnet, or "PlayInIt") to ourselves for a while. We laughed, drummed on the superstructure, hung out talking crap. We walked back slowly, kicking spikey seeds along, counting ducks and, when I was needed, she held my hand. Sitting on a concrete wall near the duck pond she broke into an unprompted rendition of "Wheels on the bus..." and I joined in the refrains.

Such good things, so much else is irrelevant. I'm a conflict of emotion this eve.

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