Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sills Bend, I know now what it is

It is of course a place near where its author used to live. A real bend, in the Yarra. Like people who mishear lyrics, I had come to my own assumptions, and simply thought the entire name of said blog referred to some depressed character in a Jane Austen novel, as pontificated upon at university by its lecturer-owner.

Beloved was baffled by the car conversation as I discovered, then pointed out, this landmark. Non-bloggers do not appreciate the subtleties of nuance such as blog title etymology.


Mindy said...

Nice one Armagnac. I had just assumed it must be a literary reference too.

TimT said...

I just thought it was something that L. had come up with in a moment of inspiration. What a great find. And you're so right about blog title etymology...!

lucy tartan said...

lol - no, it's a nice place, and choosing it for my blog's name was a symptom of the novice blogger's innocent belief that nobody's ever going to read their stuff, certainly not any weird troll types who you might not want knowing where you live. A couple of residents of the area did recognise it, though.

Armagny said...

"innocent belief that nobody's ever going to read their stuff"

Nor that testy political sites, swarming with trolls, might link to you =)