Friday, February 06, 2009

Top 5 Bear singfest numbers

Top of the list has to be "So what.... I'm a rock star... got'm rock moves... an' I feeeeel aaaalright, tonight, s'alright, tonight....... so what... I'm a rock star..." On it goes, Pink should be impressed. Sometimes there's even air guitar.

But fear not, there's also age appropriate music like, um, Ladyhawke; Paris is Burning.

Justine Clark probably comes in third with I like to Sing, although I might be just showing personal preference for Ms Clark, who I've almost bumped into on Spring Street. Almost the same spot I saw Denton today. But I digress...

Fourth and fifth (probably a bit higher in truth, but truth can be disturbing) would have to go to some Wiggles action, probably 5 little ducks and Henry Rockpuss (Octop...).

But the best thing of all is when she pulls out the tambourine, or xylophone, and says "daddy do it toooo", and we slam out some noise and in the middle she's smiling and she says...


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Anonymous said...

/Did you see Justine Clark on Chandon Tv show? She said the F word!